Why Peshawar attack drew more outrage over Assam

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-No Kailash Sathyarthi saying take me hostage and spare the kids.

-No Malala condemning the killing of children

-No hashtags like the ones we had seen during the Peshawar attack

-Headlines which state outrage in Assam and not outrage in India.

-No candle light marches outside the India Gate

-No SMS campaigns on television seeking support for the victims

Assam attack

All this despite the death count in Assam shooting up to 60 of which 23 were women and 18 very innocent children whose lives were cut off even before they could even understand what this world is about.

Were the victims not high profile:

The Peshawar attack was no doubt a horrific one and while we must completely condemn the killings in all possible ways, one must also not forget that what happened in Assam was nothing short of barbaric.

The problem is that the victims were Advasis who do not fit the definition of the up market people. Does this incident not hurt the conscience of the so-called conscience keepers of the nation who are outraged?

Peshawar school

When the Peshwar attack is took place, there were scores of hashtags supporting the victims and families. While there is no harm in raising ones' voice against meaningless violence a though ought to be spared for the children who lost their lives in Assam as well. they were as innocent as those kids in Peshawar.

More outrage during the exodus:

When there was a massive exodus two years back when students left various cities to return home there was such a major outrage across the nation. People came out in the open expressing solidarity and there were several debates condemning those who were rumour mongering in a bid to scare away these people.

While every incident attempting to terrorise people needs to be condemned in a big way the idea is not to be selective while doing so.

Cause is fine, but why kill?

There are various explanations that have been given and the reasons explained for this attack. However under no circumstance can violence be justified whether it is killing a man, woman or child.

The allegation against the tribals by the militants is that they had been supporting the security forces and hence this was one of the reasons for the attack-the other one being it was revenge.

However this attack was more to demonstrate the strength of the organization which was dwindling in numbers. An outfit which started off with 3500 people has just around 400 today. Moreover there was a new set of cadres who had come back from Myanmar after training. The intelligence says that they had to show their capability and ensure that terror is spread. Only by spreading terror can are such forces relevant.

State has failed, centre needs to act:

The Union Government has decided to take up this issue very seriously. It is clear that the state government has failed and even when concentrating its own security, it did so in expected areas.

Since yesterday the Assam police have been saying that they had focused on the Muslim dominated areas instead and there was hardly any presence of security personnel in the tribal belts that were hit.

For the union government it is big a challenge ahead and it needs to bring all the groups under one roof and get them to talk before finding a lasting solution to the problem. The home minister will visit Assam which is under red alert and take stock of the situation before returning and discussing the issue with the Prime Minister and the National Security Advisor.

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