Why Kerala bombs make no noise in the media?

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A bomb blast at Kollam in Kerala on Wednesday went largely unnoticed. Thankfully there were no casualties in the blast, but the composition of bomb and the venue at which it was placed indicates that it was undertaken by an extremist group.

First and foremost it was placed at the civil station that houses the district collectors office, other government offices and courts.

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Why Kerala bombs go unnoticed by media?

Secondly the bomb was attached to 10 cells, a delay switch and placed in a tiffin box which is another indicator that it was prepared by a professional. The bomb was placed in a jeep parked in the high security zone and the explosion took place at 10.45 am.

Fortunately the explosion was low intensity in nature and hence there was not too much damage caused.

Bomb culture

Kerala has witnessed several bomb attacks in the past as well. While most have been due to political rivalry, the bomb at Kollam does not appear to the same.

The ease with which the bomb was slipped into a premises that has security is a worrying sign. If one were to look at the at an incident that took place at Vellandra on April 28th, a man had expressed his displeasure against the officials by planting a bomb.

An intelligence bureau official posted in the state says that most of the incidents have not been taken seriously. Many treat it as a routine exercise. This has led to many using a bomb for even the smallest of reasons.

It is a dangerous precedent as all this only indicates that the security is not up to the mark. Kerala being a tourist destination runs the risk of being hit by terrorists, the officer also adds.

All angles under probe

The police have formed 8 teams to crack this case. There are two angles that are being probed. The extremist angle is one while the other is regarding a disgruntled soul trying to send messages in a complex filled with government offices.

However the bigger reason for the police to probe such a case should be the ease with which the bomb had been slipped in.

The composition of the bomb indicates that the person had knowledge of how to prepare one. However it appears that the bomb composition was prepared in a manner so that it was a low intensity explosion. It could have been a way of sending out a strong message, the police say.

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