Why doesn't Sonia Gandhi talk on substantial issues on TV?

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The Congress, unlike the BJP, is not known to be a media-savvy party. In the last 10 years, the top leadership of the Congress hasn't been seen appearing before the media to give any exclusive quote. The Congress's handling of the media has been mainly restricted to some of its lesser motormouth leaders who love to bash Narendra Modi day in and day out.

Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi making desperate attempts?

But when party chief Sonia Gandhi made an appearance on the television to launch a scathing attack on the BJP, it looked very surprising. It is not only Sonia but two of her children, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, who are also found making strong statements in front of the media. Rahul Gandhi, the vice-president of the party, has already given two TV interviews while his sister, known to be a more private person, is also seen doing a lot of talkings nowadays, including defending his brother and taking on his cousin brother Varun Gandhi, a BJP MP.

Congress trying whatever it can as a last resort against Narendra Modi

Is the Congress extremely desperate? Or why else would its chief enter understanding with the Shahi Imam to prevent splitting of Muslim votes and attack the BJP in strong words on the TV? She said the fight with the BJP is an ideological battle, something Priyanka repeated while speaking about her tiff with Varun Gandhi.

The Congress top brass is using the media at the 11th hour but for what purpose?

Besides the Gandhis, other party leaders too have been making all sorts of attacks against the BJP, even dragging the ailing former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. While it is praising him once, it is also describing him as the weakest PM India ever had, at other times.

Why Sonia doesn't speak on substantive issues like corruption or price rise?

The question is: What makes Sonia Gandhi so desperate at this hour that she even appeared before the media to attack the opposition party? As the chairperson of a coalition which has ruled India for a decade now, why is she more eager to attack the BJP and not defend her own party against all odds?

Two recent books have exposed the prime minister of the UPA government, Manmohan Singh, and instead of trying to save the grace of the 81-year-old economist, Sonia surprisingly kept on firing at the BJP.

Her son has also done the same. He attacked Narendra Modi over his marital life but hardly there was any word on Manmohan Singh, whom he himself had left embarrassed last year by terming an ordinance of the UPA to protect convicted politcians as "nonsense" and made the government backtrack on that. Neither Sonia nor Rahul cared to project Manmohan Singh's legacy, whatever little he has, to tackle the Narendra Modi factor and gifted the opposition with weapons to undermine their own regime.

Indianness: Congress trying to go run back to its basic Nehruvian ideology?

It is a sorry state of affairs that none of the Gandhis (except a very late move from Priyanka) stressed a word in favour of Manmohan Singh and the Congress chief instead is worried with the idea of Indianness. It is extremely inappropriate that the Congress, when in distress, is trying to go back to its Nehruvian ideology of secular nationalism and not facing the pressing problems in hand.

Sonia & Priyanka shielding Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has already made a mess by targetting Modi's marital status and now Sonia Gandhi, as she has been doing all through, tried to divert the focus to somewhere else. Priyanka Gandhi is also cocentrating on the task of shielding his brother, first by defending his attack against Modi and then by taking on the opposition in what she termed as an 'ideological' battle.

The Congress is losing the plot fast.

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