Revealed: Why terror groups send beheading videos

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There has been yet another beheading by the ISIS and this would go on to indicate that the group is just not ready to give up despite the strikes by the US on its camps.

Beheading videos have been a common practise among the terrorist groups and was popularized a lot by the al-Qaeda. Today the brutality is thrived upon by the ISIS and such videos have become a regular occurrence.

Beheading video

Why do terror groups shoot beheading acts?

The question is what drives these terrorists to shoot such videos and how much does it help their campaign? Moreover, if one watches the evolution of these videos, it is clear that the media outlets of these terrorist groups have evolved a great deal from a crude video to a full fledged multi media slick production.

These videos became slick over a period of time and it was largely credited to the al-Qaeda which felt that a good quality video shot well would generate more interest. The ISIS was quick to pick this up and today relies on brutality to convey their message.

Reason(s) of sending beheading videos to different countries:

Several counter terrorism analysts say that the main intent behind the beheadings and then posting a video on the social media would be to send across a clear message to their enemy nation.

Moreover, these outfits are known to thrive on brutality which has in fact helped them a great deal in pushing their agenda. Let us listen in to what Aki Peritz, a counter terrorism analyst who was in fact assigned the job of watching beheading videos in Iraq and providing an analysis to the CIA, has to say.

An expert's opinion:

He says on watching these videos he has learnt that these videos were clearly for the camera. What I have realized after viewing these videos in Iraq was that these persons have no remorse.

The ISIS in fact thrives on such videos, but they also run the danger of bringing about their downfall since not everyone subscribes to their fanatic agenda.

Other analysts would say that there is a strategy involved in these videos. The primary strategy is publicity alone and they do ensure that it is circulated over and over again on the internet.

Difference between previous and latest beheading videos:

The latest beheading by the ISIS was more of a message that they sought to convey to the US which has launched air strikes against them. The experts say that this was on expected lines and the ISIS was bound to execute someone in a bid to send a chilling message to the United States of America.

However, there was a difference between the latest video and the ones which were posted in the past. The latest video was slightly crude in nature which itself shows that it was done in a hurry.

The previous videos were slick multi media productions with a perfect background. The New York Times reports that the footage in the video released Sunday, Nov 16 was of poorer quality than some of the group's previous, slickly produced execution videos.

The video shows a black-robed executioner standing over the severed head of Peter Kassig. Though the end result of the footage was grimly familiar, it was strikingly different from the executions of four other Western hostages, whose recorded deaths were carefully choreographed.

The most obvious difference is in the beheading itself. This one just shows the severed head itself. Among the things that could have gone wrong, analysts surmise, is that the extremists did not have as much time outdoors as they did when they killed the others.

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