Why Hema Malini regretting her Vrindavan tour: Explained

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Hema Malini
BJP's Lok Sabha MP from Mathura-Vrindavan, Hema Malini has courted controversy over her statement that widows from Bengal and Bihar should stay in their respective States, instead of crowding Vrindavan.
The actor-politician made the comments during a visit to her parliamentary constituency on Monday.

What Hema Malini said?

  • Hema Malini said the widows from Bihar and West Bengal should not jam Vrindavan. 
  • She said so after finding poor living conditions in a shelter homes in Vrindavan.
  • Hema said these widows have a bank balance, good earnings, comfortable beds, but they still chose to beg deliberately.

What is ground reality in Vrindavan?

  • The holy city of Vrindavan is home to thousands of destitute women from different States including West Bengal and Bihar.
  • Around 2,000 widows live in half-a-dozen ashrams and shelter homes in Vrindavan.

What is Opposition saying?

  • Congress leader Shobha Oza has termed Hema's comments as unfortunate.
  • Oza said BJP leaders are attempting to divide the country and society.

MP Hema: More in limelight, less on ground

  • The Bollywood veteran earlier irked the locals of her constituency after she went missing making tall promises.
  • Locals came up with Hema's "missing" posters all over the city, burnt her effigy and even took out her 'funeral procession' to protest against her absence.
  • The first-time Lok Sabha MP also faced criticism for her poor attendance in Parliament.
  • According to PRS, Hema attendance record has been just 14% from 2012-14), and 0% attendance so far this year.
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