Why BJP is right on demanding an apology from Uddhav Thackeray

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Why Shiv Sena must apologise to BJP
The BJP is all set to form its Government in Maharashtra under the leadership of Devendra Fadnavis, after emerging as the single-largest party in the state. The party, that doesn't enjoys a clear majority, has shocked all by not taking support of its friend-turned-foe-turned-friend Shiv Sena and form a stable government.

Uddhav's arrogance was on cloud nine during poll season

Although, an alliance between the two parties is inevitable but the BJP leadership has put Sena's entry on hold due to certain reasons. As per an Indian Express report, the BJP leadership has demanded an apology from the Shiv Sena for its indecent remarks made against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several other party leaders during poll campaigning.

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray and his men went all guns blazing against the BJP as well as its poster boy Narendra Modi throughout electioneering. At an election rally, Uddhav Thackeray had termed the Prime Minister and the BJP's entire team campaigning in the State as Afzal Khan ki Sena (Army of Bijapur's Adil Shahi dynasty's general Afzal Khan).

Sena's shamelessness was not only restricted to just poll rallies, the party crossed all limits when the party in its mouthpiece Saamana said that it was Sena's alliance with the BJP which helped the NDA to get such a whopping majority in the last Lok Sabha election, otherwise Prime Minister Modi's father would also not have been able to ensure victory for the BJP.

Uddhav's personal comments against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi took Indian politics to a new low.

Shiv Sena paid the price for its arrogance

Declaration of assembly poll results on Oct 19, punctured Shiv Sena's balloon as the party received nearly half the number of seats than BJP had won. On the very next day, the party's mouthpiece once again blamed the BJP for splitting the alliance.

But, the party forgot an old saying that 'it takes two to tango'. Hence, blaming BJP solely for severing of ties found no substance. The party was criticised for its continued brazenness and not accepting the truth. Slowly, Uddhav and his men started realising their folly and began wooing the former ally and even asked to forget things of the past as it was the only way to come to power in Maharashtra.

Why BJP is correct on demanding an apology

But now the ball is in BJP's court and the party is in no mood to let go off it. Hence, the party has demanded an apology from an arrogant Sena chief who's acrimony born out of his personal ambitions (to become Maharashtra's CM) was responsible for bringing an end to 25-year-old marriage between the BJP.

By demanding an apology from its former ally, the BJP has forced Uddhav Thackeray what is the price of making insensitive remarks without thinking. Accepting his folly will force him realise that he had not only attacked a party's poster boy but also the office of the Prime Minister. It will also reduce the party's arrogance and dominating attitude which is not good for alliance.

Uddhav must realise his mistake and seek an apology from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This will not only bring in humility in the Sena chief but also send a strong message to everyone across the political spectrum that no one can make personal comments against the office of the PM.

If Uddhav wants reconciliation with its friend-turned-foe, then he must take measures to rebuild the alliance. And seeking an apology for doing something wrong might be the first right thing that he must do. Also, he must realise that PM Modi didn't utter a single word against him and his party throughout his campaigns.

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