Why attendance at Quran learning schools has reduced in Kurdistan

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There was an interesting report that stated that the attendance at Quranic schools and religious centres in the Kurdistan region had reduced considerable. A report in the rudaw.net states that the attendance in these learning centres has come down by nearly 70 per cent.

The number of people visiting the Mosques had come down by 20 per cent, the report also stated.


There are two reasons that have been cited for the reduction in numbers. While one is due to the war with the ISIS, the other is due to economic reasons and the people in this region have stopped spending on anything.

The impact of war:

There is a bloody battle on with the ISIS and this has impacted the lives of many. Most people are said to have even left the region and converted to other faiths. The war with the ISIS has gone beyond the understanding of some people. The ISIS has been claiming that the war is to protect Islam and this has not gone down well with many who have left the place and even changed their faith.

The numbers at the Quran Learning Centres have come down by 70 per cent and this is largely being blamed on the war and the economic crisis. The people do not want to spend money on anything now and hence are not going to these centres. Moreover the war with the ISIS which claims to be protecting Islam has confused many about the religion.

The reduction of the numbers at the Mosques too has dropped drastically. While the war is one of the reasons, the other is that the administration has been accused of keeping tabs on the entrants. The enhanced surveillance has led to the drop in numbers by 20 per cent.

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