Why AAP's latest advertisement is outright funny and falls flat

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Whether it is a power tussle with the Centre or domestic violence case against one of its leaders, the Arvind Kejriwal-led government in the capital is desperately trying to be on its feet.

It seems now that the AAP government is taking refuge under tv advertisements to boost its morale. What we are talking about is an advertisement on tv these days that highlights the achievements of the AAP government.

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AAP advertisement is outright funny!

Ad stunt from AAP falls flat

But instead of helping the Kejriwal army, the ad seems ridiculous and makes us laugh. The main character of the ad- a housewife is seen doing all the household chores while her husband does nothing but read the newspaper, watch tv and sip on a cup of tea made by her (sexist don't you think?)

What is even worse is her ignorance. In the ad she is extremely happy to receive the electricity bill which is much lower to the previous one and she thanks Kejriwal (whom she fondly calls Arvind in the ad) for the same. But little does she realise that the tarrif went up by 6 per cent this Monday, June 15.

Which means that all those who were enjoying the subsidised power tariff will no longer qualify for the same.

Some of the dialogues made us laugh

On the other hand she is seen chopping vegetables in the kitchen even as the news channel in her living room is blaring of nonsensical political news and takes out her entire frustration on the chopped vegetable.

She is seen praying and thanking God for keep 'her Arvind' safe from all the bad elements in the society. Who talks like that in today's day and age?

The ad also shows that ever since the AAP government came to power autorickshaw drivers too have started ferrying passengers according to the meter. We do not know how true is that in real life though we are highly suspicious of it.

Even people on social media couldn't stop themselves but share some witty jokes about the ad

Will the ad help AAP?

We believe that the ad has done more of a damage to the party than actually helping it. Not only do we find it ridiculous but also utterly disappointing that AAP had to carry such advertisement to save its face.

Instead of spending money for such ads, maybe the Delhi government must try and stay away from the spotlight for sometime and do some meaningful work so that 'their efforts speak for themselves.'

And, in case you missed the ad, you can watch it here:

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