When Narendra Modi's charm rocked 34th India International Trade Fair

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Making this year's theme 'women entrepreneurs', the 34th India International Trade Fair (IITF) opened on November 14. The first five days i.e from November 14 to 18, of the trade fair were allotted to the Business visitors. the fair was opened for the general public from November 19.

IITF is a major tourist attraction and lakhs of people visit this fair every year. This event which takes place annually provides one single platform to the manufacturers, traders, exporters and importers where they can promote their products. The products and services at IITF includes everything from Textiles, Garments, Household Appliance to Engineering Goods and medicines.

PM Modi's charm makes Gujarat Pavillion a hit at IITF 2014

Amongst all the state pavillions, the most crowded one was Gujarat's pavillion as people wanted to see the state due to 'Modi factor.' To enter Gujarat's pavillion, a long queue could be seen which started from state's entry and seemed to end near Jammu and Kashmir's pavillion. While other pavillions were crowded too, but none had this long queue to enter the hall.

"I want to see the state where our Prime Minister worked as Cheif Minister for four terms. many other states are working on the 'Gujarat Model. So I want to see the uniqueness of the state which is acting as a role model," a visitor who had come from Rewari told OneIndia. (Rewari, which forms a part of the National Capital Region, is adjacent to Rajasthan.)

Trade fair is so famous that be it Rajasthan, Haryana or Bihar, people from different parts of the country had come to the event.

An old couple who had come to see the IITF told OneIndia, "We want to see the uniqueness of Modiji's state (Gujarat). Our Prime Minister is trying to bring a change in the country and his unique ideas and plans make us realise how we can also be a part of our country's progress."

History of Trade fair and salient features of IITF 2014

The India International Trade Fair, ever since its inception in 1980 has evolved as a major event for the Business community.

It is a premier event organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), the nodal trade promotion agency of the Government of India.

The event is held between 14-27 November every year at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

Not only more participants are there in this year's trade fair, the exhibition space has also been increased.

Last year 84,000 square metres of exhibition space was there for the IITF whereas this it is over 90,000 square metres, a PR officer at ITPO told OneIndia.

"Over 6000 Exhibitors from India and abroad are taking part in this event. There are 31 Central Government Ministries, Departments along with their agencies/PSUs, while all the States & UTs apart from leading private sector companies will bring up the domestic sector," he further said.

The theme of IITF 2014 is ‘Women Entrepreneurs', which is figured prominently in the display profile of all the State and Union Territories pavilions.

The Theme of IITF 2013 was Inclusive Growth with Bihar as Partner State and Japan as Partner Country.

Last year's foreign participation came from 19 countries, while this year the number has increased to 25.

South Korea, Kuwait, Germany and Malaysia are among the countries which participated in the trade fair for the first time.

Pavillion of Punjab at IITF 2014.
'Women Entrepreneurs' theme was decided to help organisations integrate women welfare programmes in different parts of the country.

As per the IITF officials, "Awarding these women is a way to encourage more entrepreneurs to come forward and contribute towards their home state."

South Africa has been accorded the ‘Partner Country' Status while Thailand is the ‘Focus Country. Delhi will be ‘Focus State'.

Added attractions to the visitors are the State Day celebrations, music and dance programmes of classical and semi classical genre. Not only this, even geet, gazal, qawaali, street plays and puppet shows are amongst all the programmes which have been organised to entertain the visitors.

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