When Narendra Modi forgave, forgot and even unblocked!

Written by: Kishore Trivedi
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Narendra Modi has not once but often said that, "When people throw stones at me, I convert the stones into a flight of stairs, a staircase of growth and progress of society." From October 7, 2001, till May 26, 2014, if we look back at the kind of words that have been used against him are sure unbecoming for a democracy. Modi has always displayed a calm despite being called a 'Merchant of Death', 'monkey', 'rat' and God knows what not.

Worst are the recent insults he had to bear from the likes of Mani Shankar Aiyar, who mocked his humble origins as a tea vendor. Personal attacks against him only intensified as the campaigning for Lok Sabha elections began. Even Modi's mother was drawn into the contemptuous political games by some opponents.

A ordinary person would get extremely perturbed by such comments but Narendra Modi is different. He has shown great maturity in keeping all the pain to himself and work continuously towards improving the lives of the people. His speeches have always been about peace, growth, brotherhood and development. Sponsored vested elements on social media also target Modi and he is subject of some degree of abuse.

Modi hasn't retaliated against his opponents after becoming the PM

Be it on Twitter or Facebook or the kind of hate mails he receives, nothing has ever deterred him from showing his kinder side! Also he has never ever blocked a single person in this age and time when others take the 'easier' way out to silence those whose views they do not like.

Among the many instances of kindness and compassion as demonstrated by Modi, two stand out in my mind. Both the instances pertain to his benevolence towards two Muslim youth who write threat mails to him way back in 2002 and in 2006. Instead of booking them under section 66A of the Information Technology Act he showed sensibility and saved two young lives from going awry.

In 2002, Modi received a hate mail from a 30-year-old Razzak Nasir Qasim. The man lost his job thanks to the hate mail with a threat to kill Modi. The Mumbai guy was booked under various sections of the IT Act and was placed under judicial custody for 15 days before Modi stepped in and forgave him as he had no history of crime. Qasim's education and record prompted Modi to realise that lies spread about him would have made Qasim write such a hate mail to him.

Modi met Qasim's parents, grandparents and other family members at his residence and withdrew all cases against Qasim and also got him his job back. Statesman Modi saved the young man from a prison for five years and also a heavy fine of Rs 1 lakh. In 2006 too, Modi showed how noble he is by instantly pardoning Omar Farooq Siddiqui from Delhi for sending him a threat and hate mail. The way Modi things about the impact of actions on the life and career of the youth is very rare sight in the modern times.

Just recently the Prime Minister's Office took control of the official PM Twitter handle. That time there was an unprecedented clamour among netizens that the PMO handle should 'unblock' them and true to Narendra Modi's tolerance and openness the handles were unblocked. No wonder one of the Tweeters said- From a Prime Minister who blocked me to one who follows me!

There is truly lots we can learn from Modi. He is not concerned about mindless abuse , he only keeps doing his own work of serving the people. It is commendable how Modi adopted the Gandhian path to forgive and forget time and again with the aim to create a developed nation.

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