What’s wrong with Mamata’s TMC? Party leader says rapes will exist till the end of time

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
It looks like Trinamool Congress cannot stay away from controversies. On Thursday, West Bengal MLA Deepak Haldar sparked outrage across the country by making bizarre comments about rape.

TMC leader who was elected from DiamondHarbour in Kolkata while addressing the rise of crimes against women said, "There was rape earlier, there is rape today. As long as the earth exists, there will be rape.

He further went on to say, "Please let the journalists not take these comments out of context. Why did I say this? We don't support rape... I said this because it is a social evil. It is not possible for Mamata Banerjee alone to solve it. It is not possible for me or anyone of us alone... all of you must take a collective decision and where such incidents happen, you must protest."

TMC, which is already battling the damages from the utterances of Tapas Paul gave a new shocker which has stirred yet another controversy.

The incident came close on the heel of the comments made by Tapas Pal who created controversy by threatening to rape and had said, "Earlier, you guys have bullied me on various occasions. If you insult the mothers and daughters of Trinamool workers. Then I won't spare you. I will let lose my boys in your homes and they will commit rape. I will teach each of you a lesson."

Not the first time

The parliamentarians are not expected to make such lewd comments, but this is not for the first time when a politician and in this case, a TMC man has done so. There are old warhorses like Tapas Pal , Mulayam Singh Yadav, Abu Azmi, RR Patil and not to forget the TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee who have often made derogatory comments on serious issues like rape. And the famous 'dented and painted' comment by President Pranab Mukherjee's son Abhijeet Mukherjee after the December 16 rape case in Delhi is on the top of the list.

Mamata Banerjee - the Saviour

And if you think that a strict action come up from West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's side, then you are wrong as she has come out in defence of Deepak Haldar who is stirred the latest controversy.

"A section is trying to malign us, but you cannot deter us by spreading canards. When a mad dog bites you suffer from rabies and that has what has happened to the Opposition," Banerjee said.

Despite a woman being a Chief Minister why such things continue?

Krishnanagar MLA, Tapas Pal had recently made some controversial comments and he was not punished for the same. Although he apologized for his comments, but what he said is not at all expected from our people's representative. If a layman would have made some comment he would have been given the strictest of punishment then why not our leaders who make such comments and a mere apology is enough saves them from all the punishments.

And what is more appalling is that such things are uttered despite the fact that Chief Minister of West Bengal is a woman. Why can't Didi punish such leaders rather than saving them, so that next time no such comments are made.

People's representatives losing their value

The leaders who should be role models for the public are losing their values. They should play a positive role in creating an environment where there is safety for women. But rather than sensitizing the people, they are doing the opposite which is why the value of politicians is going down.

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