What is a Super Monsoon Monitor?

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Monsoon is approaching, but the information concerning its approach drew much ire when the MeT failed to give precise news.

To to combat inefficient readings, the Meteorological Department is heard to be spending Rs 400 crore on a super computer to enhance precision in monsoon forecasts.


This new system is in line with the current US models that are in use and will generate 3-dimensional models to help predict the development of monsoon.

So, here are six things to know about the super computer:

  • This will be replacing the British-era statistical model.
  • The system will be set in place in 2017.
  • It will require immense computing power to generate 3-dimensional models.
  • It is 10 times faster than Bhaskara supercomputer that the MeT office uses.
  • It will provide better accuracy of cyclones, cloud bursts and heavy rainfalls.
  • It will help the farmers in deciding the sow season, hence increasing the output by almost 15%.

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