Rape after rape: Where are you Mamata Banerjee?

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Mamata Banerjee
Kolkata, Jan 23: Burdwan, Kamduni, Madhyamgram, Kolkata and Birbhum. No we are not giving you a list of holiday destinations in West Bengal, but these places have hit the headlines for a reason equally (in)famous.

Each of these places have proved yet again how state administration fails in the face of securing its women from the grasp of rape. The chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee is mum (even in the recent Kangaroo court's order for gangrape in Birbhum), almost akin to Sheila Dikshit's barbed verbal attack at the raped women of Delhi, indicating that the women of this country have to fend for themselves.

Ironically, in each of the cases in West Bengal, the state did not come to the parents' rescue, but for the locals who mobbed the accused and took them to police. IN some cases, it was the parents who wore out their shoes running from pillar to post, seeking justice but returning empty-handed.

Rape, is a term that is not unknown to us these days. In fact, it tends to have multiplied even after the death sentence of the Nirbhaya accused, somewhat giving a tight smack in the face of democracy, showing how we are turning into a failed nation, unable to protect its women from its own people.

The brouhaha about the rape cases would die down soon and women would be continues to rape as a display of power, but the scars would remain in the pages of history.

NCRB states West Bengal tops the crime against women chart.

Consider this; the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics in 2013 show that West Bengal tops the chart in crime against women with 30,942 cases registered only in 2012 (incidentally the highest in the country).

While West Bengal accounted for 12.67 percent of the total crime against women, Kolkata is the third most unsafe metropolis for women-Delhi and Bangalore engaging the first and the second position. Ironically, the crime against women in the state was far below of what it is now with 29,133 cases.

State officials, however contest (as expected) saying that the rape cases have dropped to 1,978 in 2012 to 2,317 in 2011. But, the results speak for themselves. Where are you Mamata Banerjee? speak up, before its too late

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