Wagah border suicide bombing: What Pakistan should learn from it

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It's Pak Vs Pak now, not Pak Vs India
The horrific suicide bombing shook Pakistan minutes after the popular flag-lowering ceremony at Wagah and killed 61 people and injured another 110. The blast took place when a large number of people were returning after attending the flag lowering ceremony at the main Indo-Pak land border crossing, which is heavily guarded by the Punjab Rangers.

After this Pakistan should get a loud and clear message that Pakistan has been digging it's own grave by letting terrorists breed in their own country. This is yet another wake-up call for Pakistan and if Pakistan does not learn a lesson from this then the cancer of terror will cost the neighbouring country very dearly.

Death of innocents in the suicide bombing

Ten women, eight children and three security personnel were among the 61 people who have died in the attack when a suicide attacker detonated a powerful bomb at Wagah. A young suicide-bomber blew himself up near the main exit gate of Parade Avenue causing colossal devastation.

Innocent tourists, who had gathered to watch the daily ceremony were killed in their own country which shows the challenge Pakistan is facing today. And interestingly, as per reports, the attacker crossed four security checkpoints and waited for public to gather to carry out the blast. The security forces have also arrested another suicide-bomber from the spot.

Many militant factions claimed the grizzly bombing. Al-Qaeda affiliated militant group Jundullah, a splinter group of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), was first to claim responsibility of the attack. The banned terrorist organisation is also responsible for a suicide bombing in Pakistan that killed 78 Christians inside a church in Peshawar last September.

Later, Jamaatul Ahrar said its bomber Hafiz Hanifullah carried out the attack. A lesser-known Mahar Mehsud group also claimed responsibility for the bombing at last.

Snakes in Pakistan's own backyard - it's Pakistan Vs Pakistan

Pakistani politicians have been trying to raise their voices against India to take Kashmir back. They have been blaming India for the ceasefire violations which takes place at Line Of Control. But will Pakistan hold India responsible for this act also?

Instead of ratcheting up temperatures with India, Pakistan should come together and help fight terrorism which is harming others as well as other countries. If things will continue in the similar manner then soon it will be a big loss for Pakistan itself. After this suicide bomb blast what Pkistan needs to understand is that for now it is not Pakistan Vs other countries, but the situation is turning into Pakistan vs Pakistan.

Even US report blamed Pak on its seriousness on fight against terror

Earlier on Tuesday, in a blunt assessment of terrorist safe havens in Pakistan, the Pentagon, in its six monthly report, has told the US Congress that Islamabad is using militant groups as proxies to counter the superior Indian military and in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon added further that New Delhi (who's intelligence agency RA&W is being blamed by Pakistani officials for perpetrating terror in their restive provinces) continues to support Kabul, believing a secure and stable Afghanistan will benefit the region and facilitate economic corridors into Central Asia. This report from Pentagon further vindicates India's stand that Pakistan is paying the price for nurturing terrorists on its soil.

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