Vinod Rai puts Manmohan Singh in dock: Why Congress needs to worry more

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Manmohan singh
Congress party's cup of woes is not getting over, it seems. Barely a controversy dies, another props up even with more vigour than previous one. Former CAG Vinod Rai's revelation will further push Congress to wall ahead of Assembly election in States.

What Rai has said

  • Dropping bombsell, ex-CAG has said that erstwhile Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had aware about the controversial decisions surrounding the allocation of coal blocks and 2G spectrums.
  • Rai also alleged in the interview to Times now channel that some Congress leaders had even pressurised him to keep the PM's name out of audit reports. 
  • Three Congress leders were Sanjay Nirupam, Sandeep Dikshit and Ashwani Kumar pressurised 
  • " 2G and coal there is no way Singh can shirk responsibility. In 2G all the letters written by (then telecom Minister) A Raja were to him and he was replying to those letters. I got no reply to any letter I wrote to him. 
  • On one occasion when I called on him, the PM said I hope you don't expect a reply from me, whereas he was replying to Raja twice a day. So how can he be not held responsible for the onus of that decision?," former CAG said.

Manmohan Singh's crediblity again in dock

  • This revelation has further eroded the crediblity of former Prime Minister who till now has not directly accused for his involvement in scam.
  • Slamming for not rising at right time because of coalition politics, former CAG said that Singh only concerned about remaining in power.
  • "you cannot have the nation being subjugated to the state and the state being a coalition of political parties. The belief was that good politics makes good economics too. But does good politics mean just staying in power?", Rai said to outlook magazine
  • Putting UPA PM in dock, Vinod Rai further said, "Integrity is not just financial; it is intellectual integrity; it is professional integrity. You have an oath of allegiance to the constitution and that is important".
  • Ahead of launch of his tell-all book ‘Not Just An Accountant' most likely on September 15, Rai said that his phone was even tapped when he was auditing the report.
  • Recently a number of book like one by the media adviser of the former prime minister Sanjay Baru, then former External Affairs Minister K Natwar Singh and former Coal Secretary P C Parakh have severely criticized former PM and his reticent approach.
  • During Run-up to Lok Sabha election erstwhile PM was at the forefront of Opposition's attack for acting like 'maun'mohan while his coteries frittered exchequer money through various scams.

Not Acche din for Congress

  • Congress party has been battling with number of issues including infighting within party rank (old soldier Vs young guard).
  • Janardan Dwivedi's comment that a leader having age more than 60-70 should't play active role in party and rather leave it to other leaders of below age didn't augur well among certain section of party.
  • Congress vice president's leadership skill being questioned time and again. "Rahul Gandhi's silence on critical issues was also a factor leading to the party losing the war of perception (to BJP)", Digvijay Singh reportedly said recently.
  • A number of party leaders right from senior like AK Antony to Milind Deora criticised top leadership for Lok Sabha debacle.
  • Congress party also had to swallow their pride when it was not given LoP status.

This will further erode party's crediblity before Assembly Elections

  • Congress party is completely in disarray and that will definitely dampen its winning prospect in coming Assembly elections.
  • Vinod Rai's revelation might prove a final nail in congress' coffin just before by-poll in Uttar Pradesh and assembly elections.
  • Today or day after tomorrow, the election Commission will announce date for assembly poll States in four States including J & K, Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand.
  • Survey suggest Congress will again meet the same fate as it did in Lok sabha election, where it was put to knee by Modi led BJP.
  • Party really has tough task ahead and they must recalibrate its strategy to redeem its lost glory.
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