Vijay Mallya: Karnataka politicians called him rising star, today they regret

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In the years 2002 and 2010, politicians in Karnataka made a beeline for Vijay Mallya, the former UB group chairman and ensured that he was elected to the Rajya Sabha.

While at that time leaders of political parties in Karnataka justified their decision to elect him as Rajya Sabha member, today the tables have turned. [I have not fled India, says Vijay Mallya]

Vijay Mallya

From stating back in 2002 and 2010 that he was the son of the soil who served the nation to we made a big mistake, life has come one full circle for Vijay Mallya who today is believed to be in London.

What they said then and what they say now:

When Mallya was elected to the Rajya Sabha in 2010, he had said that it would be wrong to say that parties had joined hands with each other to elect me. I am an independent candidate.

The JD(S) which played the role of a kingmaker to ensure that Mallya won the elections had said that he is a Kannadiga and has served the state as well as nation. Hence he had been elected.

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Jagadish Shettar says that it appears to be a big mistake now. At that time, he was shining and was a rising star. We did not know that he would turn out to be a defaulter.

Today we feel bad that we nominated him to the Rajya Sabha.

The Vijay Mallya issue had led to a political tussle in the Parliament yesterday. The Congress accused the ruling NDA of letting him go. [Vijay Mallya's lookout circular was amended from detain to inform in 41 days]

There was even one comment which stated that Mallya was not a pin that they missed him while he was leaving.

The BJP however shot back by stating that they were not doing any favours to him while also reminding the Congress about how they had let Ottavio Quattrocchi of Bofors fame escape.

While many had started to question Mallya's disappearance from the country, he put out a series of tweets early this morning insisting that he had not fled. I will comply with the law, he had also tweeted.

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