Videos: True meaning of Independence, as retold by common man, bollywood stars

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Art is a powerful form of communication and India proves that this Independence Day, we are nothing short of communicating the positive transitions we have gone through.

69 years of struggle at various level and India has reached a summit where issues of gender bias, freedom and women equality have been left behind. It has been a journey, a tough one, but we are gradually heading to a society that is more open to the transgenders and women's upliftment.

Independence Day

Here are a few videos, including a short film that realises the true meaning of freedom.

The Tiranga: An inspiration for everyone, the video features the poems and renditions by aspiring writer Priyam Redican.

But the showstoppers are a pair of Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi dancers who explain the meaning of freedom through mudras. Interestingly, the video begins as a first person narrative of the flag that describes its history:

"I was born in 1947, made out of hand-spun cotton on a charkha, dyed in the three colours of courage, peace and the earth. I symbolise Independence. Sometimes I wonder if people understand that I am not an outcome of an overnight skirmish. There was a journey that created me, a journey of suppression, a struggle to overthrow a foreign domination, a fight of bureaucrats and social workers, warriors and leaders, a fight that even got the common man to raise his voice. Freedom is my birthright."

Here is the entire poem and the video:

Bharatiya...Hum Bhi hain: 'Hijra' is a word that we use casually, but the stings are borne by the one who suffer from the crisis. We have our aspirations of being a doctor, a cop or a teacher, but we never expect a hijra/a eunuch/transgender to answer that. The answer, it seems, lies with only a man or a woman.

Breaking this old age tabboo was the Supreme Court this year, which acknowledged 'transgender' as the 'third gender' and bestowes it with the right to education, livelihood and society.

So, here's a group of 7 transgenders singing the national anthem:

Saluting the sacrifice of Freedom Fighter: The camera pans on a happy couple-Manoj Bajpai and Raveena Tandon-going out for a dinner date, celebrating her birthday.

The dateline shows August 15, 2015 and panic strikes. As their bike is hit by a car, the two get injured. But instead of helping, everyone stands still.

The setting gets clearer when a British peeps out of the car and says "Bloody Indian". The people who stand still are all Britons. With no one to help, they are even thrown out of a restaurant which read "Dogs and Indians are not allowed". Reality strikes!

Photos Of 69th Independence Day Celebration At Red Fort In New Delhi

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