Valentine’s Specials: The monument of Love, The macabre of Savings, Grab All Coupons For Free

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Since pre-historic times, man has been occupied in fighting for certain things in his life. Land, woman, power, woman, food, woman, societal acceptance, woman, weapons, woman, PlayStation and/or Xbox, and of course woman. With the advent of time, some of these things have become easier to occupy. From land, to food, to weapons, all of these have become much more accessible (depending on where you live) in recent years. However, when it comes to wooing your lady love, the demands have shot through the roof faster than you can say "Will you enter into a mutual agreement with me, within which you get to write "In a complicated relationship" on Facebook, I get more likes on my profile photos, and both of us satisfy our vanity at the same time?" Okay, that takes a lot of time, but you get the gist.

Valentine’s Specials: The monument of Love, The macabre of Savings, Grab All Coupons For Free

However, if we take the above supposition as true (why won't you?), you are also looking at a certain part of the calendar with some trepidation. If you guessed it to be Children's Day, you guessed it partially right. But the day that has your stomach in knots is the one that is much more eventful and falls 9 months prior to that, and yes, it's Valentine's Day, the day, where the expectation of the couples are so high, if it is anything short of a Karan Johar movie from 90s, it is probably deemed as a failure. And one part of the expectations is the bucket-loads of gifts that are a part of the supposed ritual that makes it equal parts dreading and exciting. But since, we cannot do anything about making it exciting, here are a few quick tips to alleviate your dread:

1. Make it personal

Not to be confused with "Get personal", you can make it a day specifically about just the two of you. Remember those late night texts where you promised her endless amount of gooey stuff that you are ashamed of showing to everyone, but still giggle about while you are alone? Pick one, and do it for actuals this year. This will not only help you make you a man of your word, but will also bring factual data to the question "What have you ever done for me?" And remember, facts always help. Not alternative facts, but the real ones.

2. Do not parade it on Social Media pages

Does this point even warrant an explanation? We don't think so

3. Plan a stolen getaway together

No, we don't want you to roam around Connaught Place or Andheri, click a selfie and then put a hashtag that says "Wanderlust". Plan an actual trip, even if it is for a day, and feel the meaning of the word. And if you are wondering how do you plan for a trip and still save some money in such a short space of time, what are we sitting here for?

4. Get tickets for John Wick 2, Jolly LLB 2 and more

Which is without a doubt the second best Valentine's Day release ever, only after Deadpool. I mean, who can say no to this guy?

5. Tell her that you love her in your own way

And yes, we mean it. You do not need to copy outlandish things or out do anyone else just to make it a special day. Write a poem (or scribble words), draw a painting (or stick figures), do backflips (or a singular crunch), but make that extra effort from your end to make her day special, rather than simply permanently borrowing stuff in exchange for money from others, for this. However, if this does not appeal to you, and all you are thinking about this, "Screw you guys. I need something where I can show off my Scrooge McDuck wealth and impress her with the best thing money can buy, but it would be great if you can help me save. Help me save. Pretty please help me save!", then of course we will help you in saving as much as we can.

So, we hope that you employ one (or more, they are all awesome) measure for celebrating this lovely day. Here's wishing everyone a Happy and Loving Valentine's Day ahead.

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