USA lied through its teeth and still got away when it came to Headley

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David Headley who is being cross-examined at a Mumbai court made an interesting revelation about the Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States of America had sponsored a trip of his in 1997 to Pakistan.

This is an interesting revelation considering the United States of America has always kept quiet about Headley's status as a double agent.

Headley was sent by the DEA to Pakistan to gather information about drug smugglers who were operating along the Pak-Afghan border.

However he is said to have turned rogue. On Wednesday, Headley also told the court in the year 1992, he had met with a person called Zeb Shah who is a drug lord and got into the business that very same year.

The reason why FBI protected him

America after arresting David Headley had been extremely guarded about him. They knew all along about the existence of this man and how he had also turned rogue.

It is however interesting to note that he was sent on an assignment to Pakistan in 1997 when they already knew that he was in touch with the drug lords from 1992 itself.

America did everything to ensure that this did not crop up at the time the National Investigating Agency was probing the case. When the NIA with a great deal of difficulty managed to get access to Headley, the questioning took place in the presence of his lawyer and a couple of FBI officials. His answers were scripted and not once did he divert from what he had already told the FBI.

India had alleged back in 2009 itself that Headley had travelled to India with the knowledge of the American agencies. They knew he was coming to India, but never informed us, officials had stated.

Headley had been given a deal by America earlier too. After completing his studies in Pakistan, he moved to Philadelphia with his American mother. In 1997 he was convicted for smuggling heroin, but served only a 15 month term only to later become an informant for the DEA.

India had alleged that he always remained an informant of the DEA until he was arrested in connection with the 26/11 case. India had found it hard to believe that America did not have an idea about Headley's travel plans. He was their informant and they do keep tabs on them.

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