US presidential poll: Donald Trump’s rise spectacular, surprising

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Washington, Mar 2: The billionaire businessman Donald Trump's rise in US presidential poll has been spectacular and surprising. If we go through the history, Republican candidate who secures most of the states Super Tuesday becomes the presidential candidate for the election to be held in November.

Donald Trump won Arkansas and five others on 'Super Tuesday.

"Donald Trump is now on course to stand on the stage in Cleveland, Ohio, in the summer and follow in the footsteps of Nixon, Reagan, Bush (both of them), Dole and McCain," said an editorial titled Super Tuesday: What's behind the rise of Donald Trump? published in Al-Jazeera.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups in the US, termed his idea to look up the Klan was "astounding".

Mark Potok, a senior fellow of the Southern Poverty Law Center "I've never seen anything like that in mean stream politics, literally, for decades."

"He has also managed to harness a visceral anger in the US, where people feel politicians have failed to deliver on promises, where they are ignored and the system and the economy is rigged against them," added the editorial.

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"There is a large working class and lower middle class white America who feel they are in trouble and they feel the country is changing around them and they're angry," added Potok.

And he believes Trump was initially reluctant to repudiate the Klan on the chance that would impact on the constituency he was trying to reach.

Trump continued to create controversy during his campaign. At the launch of his campaign he termed many of the immigrants making their way from Mexico as "murderer and rapists".

He mocked a disabled reporter and Iowa voters were termed as stupid and dismissed former Republican presidential hopeful, John McCain, a man who was a prisoner of war during Vietnam, as a "loser".

McCain was captured by the North Vietnamese. He also developed differences spat with the pope over his plans to build a border wall with Mexico and his announcement to put blanket ban on entry of Muslims in US.

Each and every time he's made the comments, the crowds have roared with approval. And despite people thinking that each new controversy would finish his campaign, he's gotten stronger and bolder.

For Trump, there is no coded language, no hidden message, no dog whistles that only Republicans understand.

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