Talks on Donald Trump's penis size is what US Prez poll 2016 has been reduced to

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For those who believe the standard of the Indian democracy has reached the nadir compared to what our founding fathers had visioned almost seven decades ago, the American case should console them.

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A week or so ago, one of the presidential debates in the United States saw Republican frontrunner Donald Trump defending the size of his penis after Marco Rubio, who later withdrew from the race, mocked the size of his hands despite being a tall man.

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"Look at those hands, are they small hands?" Trump said while raising them. "And, he referred to my hands --- 'if they're small, something else must be small.' I guarantee you there's no problem. I guarantee," the real-estate tycoon said.

The country's media did not waste time to make the most out of the inferior debate with one anchor even ridiculing Trump as one who might ensure that the Republican Party becomes one of the 'big tent' if he is eventually elected for the top job.

Stephen Colbert, the renowned anchor of a television show, even made fun of Trump's 'finger' (he said "I hope it's his finger") struggling to reaching the button after Russia also does the same.

Compare the talks we have today to the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates in the 1850s

Colbert said the current presidential debate is worse than the debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas during the 1858 Illinois state election campaign.

This very observation speaks volume about the US presidential election this year. The Lincoln-Douglas debates are still considered among the best in the USA's political history but yet when we are comparing the discussions that are taking place today, we are doing it only with the lighter moments of that great debate.

In an era when America was still not sure about its national stability, the Lincoln-Douglas debates had a big significance. Today, the crude jokes have become the more important part while the real issues have taken the back seat.

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