US-Cuba relationship timeline: All you need to know about it

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In a major diplomatic move, US and Cuba have agreed to re-establish full diplomatic relation between both the nations. Diplomatic ties between US and Cuba were severed in 1961 in the heat of the Cold War.

Facts about US-Cuba relation

Here are the important facts need to know about US-Cuba relationship

  • Cuba got independence in 1902 with Tomas Estrada Palma as its president.
  • Soon after Estrada's resignation (1906-09) US occupied Cuba following a rebellion led by Jose Miguel Gomez.
  • Jose Miguel Gomez was election as Cuba' president in an election held under supervision of US IN 1909.
  • Fidel Castro leads an unsuccessful revolt against the coup leader Sergeant Fulgencio Batista regime in 1953.
  • Castro leads a 9,000-strong guerrilla army into Havana, forcing Batista to flee. Castro becomes prime minister in 1959.
  • 1960: All US businesses in Cuba are nationalised without compensation; US breaks off diplomatic relations with Havana and imposes a trade embargo in response to Castro's reforms.
  • In 1996 US trade embargo made permanent in response to Cuba's shooting down of two US aircraft operated by Miami-based Cuban exiles.
  • 1998: The US eases restrictions on the sending of money to relatives by Cuban Americans.
  • Nov 2001: US exports food to Cuba for the first time in more than 40 years after a request from the Cuban government to help it cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Michelle.
  • On February 24, 2008, Fidel Castro retires after a long illness and formally hands over the presidency to his brother, Raúl Castro.
  • US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announced the restoration of full diplomatic ties.
  • US and Cuba have agreed to re-establish full diplomatic relation between both the nations on July 1, 2015. Both the countries will open embassies in each other's capital on July 20, 2015.
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