Unnao: 'Religion' or 'Reason', India walks a tight rope

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Unnao: Will reason win over religion?
Unnao (UP), Oct 18: In the wake of the Unnao Gold rush, there is one basic question that keeps hankering rational minds: Did Pandit Nehru envision a 'scientific' India on these terms? Probably not, but there are several reasons to believe what Unnao believes right now.

In a country that has been balancing between reason and religion from ancient times, it should not be difficult to understand why Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) went by just a hunch and no concrete evidence, apart from GSI's report of the availability of alloys in the region.

A few reasons to believe

Despite rationalists criticizing the move of ASI, the history of the area and the previous Padmanabhaswami temple treasure findings can be given a second thought.

There is no doubt that the Daundia Khera is an ancient place. Dating back to the Bais Rajputs who were known for their immense wealth and prosperity, there is no reason not to believe that there might be treasures or antiques hidden in the vicinity.

Add to this, the popular belief and eyewitness accounts of the villagers that people do find valuables like silver coins every now and then, especially when there is rain.

When the ASI and the GSI arrived for an inspection, post the seer's claims, they drilled two holes in the region shown by him on October 12. After about 20 metres, the drills hit something metallic, that is different from earth. It could be a possible treasure trove, confirm a number of agencies.

A bizarre treasure hunt?

Going by rationality, anyone is bound to believe that the entire expedition is a waste of people's money, especially when there are no concrete reasons to start digging right away. To add to the doubt, the seer claims that if the country hits gold in the process, it cannot be used by anyone unless it has a nod from his 'guru'. And if the ASI does not pay any heed to him, the Gold will vanish.

Moreover, the 'seer' has already started planning the distribution of the wealth, saying that 20 percent of the gold will go toward the development of the village. On the contrary, anything recovered by the ASI is part of the national treasure and only the government has the right to decide its fate.

Secondly, if the villagers found precious metals every now and then, why was it not reported and why are the people still living in depravity?

Whatever it is, if the government agencies do not end up finding Gold, they will be held for an irresponsible action, wasting nation's money for nothing and if they do end up finding the treasure, it would be a victory that they do not deserve, but the seer.

It is a testing time for India...indeed!

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