Uddhav's 'chaiwala' jibe at PM Modi: Has Indian politics touched a new low?

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When Indian politics touched a new low
At a time when the states of Maharashtra and Haryana are celebrating the festival of democracy. Indian politics on Wednesday touched a new low when Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, in a recent interview to his party's mouthpiece 'Samnaa', made a mockery of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and even his father, on the eve of assembly polls in Maharashtra.

What Uddhav said?

Uddhav in his sharpest criticism of BJP's poster boy said, "If a 'chaiwala' (tea-seller) can become Prime Minister, why can't I become Maharashtra Chief Minister?"

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The party's mouthpiece went a step ahead when its editor and a Sena leader, Prem Shukla, wrote, "Had there been no Shiv Sena, even Damodardas Modi (Narendra Modi's father) could not have helped the BJP get clear majority."

However, Uddhav as well as Saamna immediately retracted from their statement facing backlash from the BJP as well as Modi supporters.

Reflects Shiv Sena's desperation

The controversial statement from Uddhav Thackeray, on the eve of Maharashtra assembly polls, reflects nothing but his frustration against the BJP, for the latter broke its 25-year-old alliance in Maharashtra just few days ahead of Assembly polls. The BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi is projected to come to power in the assembly polls and this has irked the Sena chief further.

Shiv Sena has from day one, after the BJP ended its 25-year old marriage, played the victim card in every poll rally. The party left no stones unturned to attack the BJP and woo voters in its support.

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From comparing Modi with 'Afzal Khan' to attacking him for ignoring his work as Prime Minister and focussing on poll rallies. Uddhav even accused the former ally of backstabbing but Modi had made it abundantly clear that neither he nor his partymen will make comments against Sena and its men.

It seems by raking the 'chaiwala' jibe, a desperate Uddhav tried to attack its new enemy 'Modi' who is gaining popularity in the minds of voters in Maharashtra.

This is the same Shiv Sena which during Lok Sabha polls, when the party was a key NDA ally, was taking potshots at the Congress for taking a dig at Narendra Modi, who worked as a tea-seller in his childhood.

Uddhav's desperation shows nothing but the kind of politics the Shiv Sena has done and it will continue doing that. Uddhav and his cousin Raj Thackeray, MNS chief, have both fledged on politics of hate and are doing the same to garner votes by dividing the voters.

Politics hits a new low

No doubt there is a cut throat competition between rival parties in politics to get public attention but this doesn't allows a party to cross its limit. Every political party is bound to maintain its as well as their rival's dignity.

The BJP never attacked Uddhav Thackeray on his profession but the latter, in a last ditch effort, has targetted PM Modi without even caring that he also happens to be the face of this nation.

Even during the time of Emergency in 1977, when the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi sent every opposition leader in jail, the political parties never went into such accusations against her.

One must not forget that Narendra Modi is not just a politician but also the Prime Minister of India. Making loose comments on Modi also means abusing the chair of Prime Minister of India.

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