#presstitutes: US lauded the General, time we did too

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It is one thing to criticize and a whole other issue when you criticize for the heck of it. Unfortunately the news in the past couple of days has all been more about the remarks by General V K Singh rather than him leading the rescue operations in Yemen.

The Yemen rescue operation called Operation Rahat was probably one of the most challenging exercises that India has faced in a long time. There are ten players on the field battling with and against each other and the chaos is unbearable and for India to pull out this mission was in itself a heroic task.

V K Singh

There were 23 countries which requested India to help evacuate their citizens and this went on to show why India was better than the rest when it came to rescue operations at Yemen.

Americans told to call India for a lift out of Yemen:

In all the ruckus that the television media has decided to create on the Yemen rescue operetions, here are two very interesting and telling tweets on how successful the Indian operation in Yemen has been.

John Williams, Foreign Editor with ABC who was previously Foreign Editor with the BBC News has put out two tweets which give a clear picture of how even the Americans have acknowledged India's rescue efforts in Yemen.

- US spends ten times as much on its military as India does -- but tells Americans in #Yemen to call the Indians if they want a lift out! 

-State Department tells Americans in #Yemen no plans for US led evacuation. So leave by boat & plane organized by.. India! 

The presstitutes remark:

General V K Singh who is the minister of state for external affairs does have the tendency of issuing controversial remarks. In an interview given in Yemen, he said the rescue operation was not as exciting as his visit to the Pakistan Embassy.


This was caught on by the Times Now channel, which decided to further its hashtag journalism and called the statements as a #VKDisaster. General Singh was quick to react and hit back and tweeted:

Friends what do you you expect from presstitutes. Last time Arnab thought there was 'O' in place of 'E' ‪#TimesNowDisaster

General Singh continued to target the media with another tweet which read, If simple remark that media finds Yemen less exciting than my attending PAK day is contorted out of shape then SOS GOD #Pressititutes

Times Now which was lashed out at on the social media for its #shameinsydney hashtag was once again beaten down with the #TimesNowDisaster trending much above the #VKDisaster, which it had started.

There are mixed views on the General's use of words, but those close to the man himself say that the media has a tendency to pick up unwanted comments and trend them above the actual news which ought to have been the success of the Yemen evacuation exercise.

There is a line that the media has to draw between healthy criticism and unwanted targeting. We know the difference between constructive criticism and witch hunting, sources close to the General say.

A pattern in praising Pakistan:

Let us first thank Pakistan for rescuing the 11 Indians from Yemen and bringing them back safe. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and foreign secretary S Jaishankar have expressed their gratitude towards Pakistan for the rescue act they carried out to ensure that the 11 Indians returned safe.

But does one smell a rat in the media coverage. In certain sections the headlines about the Pakistan rescue act got more attention that the entire mission that India themselves carried out. Moreover, why was the news regarding India rescuing three Pakistanis from Yemen played down?

When the rescue act commenced in Yemen, both India and Pakistan had agreed to rescue its citizens in tandem. The two countries decided to set aside differences and carry out a rescue act in which the citizens of both the countries are safely rescued from Yemen.

While it is completely understandable that Pakistan rescuing Indians from Yemen deserves a bold mention, the same logic needs to be applied while speaking about the India rescue mission and also the fact that Indians rescued three Paksitanis.

Trending hashtags for the heck of it with the intention of achieving some cheap TRPs is not done. When there is an effort that needs to be lauded the media needs to do so as this does give a boost for all those people who are in the midst of a war torn zone.

Criticism with an intention of drawing first blood or trying to trend hashtags is not the duty of the fourth estate. 

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