Top 7 teacher-student pairs of Indian politics

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Our politicians have always credited their seniors for playing a vital role in shaping up their political career. These mentors turned out to be their friend, philosopher, guide and helped their chellas to reach the zenith of their political career.

Taking support from their political gurus, some politicians climbed the ladder of success and encashed on the legacy of their teachers. Then there were others who parted ways from their idols to fulfill their ambitions. While there were few who depended excessively on their mentors and faced criticism for the same.

On the occasion of Teacher's Day we bring you some political duos who have shared a teacher-student relation:

Narendra Modi - LK Advani

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always credited BJP patriarch Lal Krishna Advani as his political guru. LK Advani was the man responsible for promoting Modi from a mere BJP worker to a leader. It was Advani who introduced Modi to national politics. Advani was a great organiser while Modi a good manager, these skills complemented the two and eventually brought the duo closer. Also, Advani like a teacher guided to to climb the political ladders and even shielded Narendra Modi whenever required. But, a decade later, when Modi has the party's reins in his hands has shifted his mentor Advani in the "Margdarshak Mandal", which is no more than a political retirement.

Rahul Gandhi - Digvijay Singh

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has a mentor in the name of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh. Ever since Congress scion, who reluctantly entered Indian politics due to pressure from across the party cadres, took over the reins of the grand old party of India, Digvijay became his 'political' friend, philosopher and guide. Rahul, like an obedient disciple, paid heed to Divijay's all sorts of advice and applied them. These ideas initially, helped the former gain popularity. It was Digvijay's idea for Rahul to visit the homes of Dalits and have food with them. But, slowly and gradually, Digvijay's suggestions started proving ineffective in the long term as a result the Congress's poster boy's popularity graph started declining.

Nitish Kumar - George Fernandes

Samta Party chief George Fernandes helped Nitish Kumar to get out of Lalu Prasad Yadav's shadow and create his own identity. After parting ways from Lalu, Nitish learnt the nuances of caste politics prevalent in Bihar and joined hands with the BJP to challenge Lalu, who was champion of caste politics in the state. Fernandes' advice helped Nitish become Bihar's CM and bring an end to the Lalu-era.

Raj Thackeray - Bal Thackeray

Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray taught his nephew, Raj Thackeray, the "ABC" of Maharashtra politics. Raj, with his exemplary oratory and organising skills, won his uncle's heart and was also seen as Bala Saheb's heir. But, when it came to choosing his successor Bala Saheb preferred his own son Udhhav over Raj. An angry and hurt Raj launched Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.

Jayalalithaa - MG Ramachandran

Former Tamil Nadu CM MG Ramachandran was not just a political guru or co-star to J Jayalalithaa, incumbent TN CM and a very popular Tamil actress of yesteryears. After Jayalalithaa's mother's demise he was her mother, father, friend, philosopher, guide and even introduced her to active politics. J Jayalalithaa even left an illustrious filmy career to choose politics due to Ramachandran. Her association with Ramachandran could be understood with the fact that after his demise Jaya and not his wife was given AIADMK's baton.

Mayawati - Kanshi Ram

BSP supremo Mayawati was a protege of politician and social reformer,Kanshi Ram, who worked for the upliftment and political mobilisation of the Dalits. Mayawati, who herself comes from a Dalit family, left her IAS aspirations and joined Kanshi Ram's social reform movements. Impressed by her speaking skills and ideas, Kanshi Ram included her as a member of his team when he founded the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in 1984.

JL Nehru - MK Gandhi

India's first Prime Minister Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru was an obedient student of Mahatma Gandhi. Nehru was Gandhiji's most trusted aide and his ardent follower of his principles and ideas. Pt Nehru was Gandhiji's political heir. His proximity to Mahatma Gandhi eventually helped him become first Prime Minister of free India.


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