This heterosexual corporate woman starts a campaign to decriminalise homosexuality. Know why?

Written by: Maitreyee Boruah
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When it comes to the right to love and marry persons of our choices, heterosexuals should also support decriminalisation of homosexuality. This is the message behind a campaign started by a heterosexual woman, who works in the corporate sector.

Veena Sethuraman, who has posted a petition, Live and Let Live ; Love and Let love--Decriminalise Section 377!, on, strongly feels that "love and marriage cannot be the privilege for just a certain section of society".


"I am a corporate woman, a mother of a six-year-old boy. I am married and very much living a happy and content life. No. I don't belong to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community. Then why do I care? They belong to our community. A community called human beings. If you care for your fellow human beings, if you think all your fellow human beings have the right and privilege to love and live, then make it happen for them by signing this petition," says Veena in her petition.

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Let our voices be heard in the parliament. Let them know that, laughing at Shashi Tharoor's petition shows their negligence on the seriousness of the situation. Let them know that, every time the bill to decriminalise Section 377 is rejected by them, we will become even stronger and louder till we are heard. A society is evolved when the members can live without shame and fear. Let's come together to build one such society. Celebrate love. With pride," she adds.

Here is the petition: 

Even Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, after his private member bill seeking to decriminalise homosexuality was voted out by the Lok Sabha recently, has circulated a petition addressing to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to amend Section 377.


"Nonetheless, I am persisting with a petition -- to show public support to amend Section 377. So far, 65,000 people have signed it. My hope is to make the Prime Minister and his party aware that public sentiment has moved beyond the 19th century. If enough of us speak up, perhaps --just perhaps! -- we can make the government rethink its position," writes Tharoor.

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Section 377 should be amended so that all consensual sex between consenting adults irrespective of gender and sexuality is legal. But it should not legitimise forced sex, pedophilia or pederasty," reads the petition.

"Sign my petition and help me show the Prime Minister that Indians want Section 377 to be amended," it adds.

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