Things you should know about US Presidential poll process

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The process of US Presidential poll has kicked off and many of the candidates have declared their candidature for it. Many are yet to announce their name for the poll process.

Below are the important facts need to know about US presidential poll.

US presidential poll: Explained
  • American presidential elections are always held on the first Tuesday in November.
  • The US President and Vice-President are elected for four years of tenure.
  • Native born citizen of US must be at least 35 years of age can contest for the presidential poll.
  • Candidates must have been residents of the US for at least 14 years.
  • A person cannot be elected to a third term as US President.
  • Most of the political parties hold conventions to select party candidates. Conventions are large meetings attended by "delegates."
  • Each candidate for President runs together with a candidate for Vice-President on a "ticket."
  • Voters select one ticket to vote for; they can't choose a presidential candidate from one ticket and a vice-presidential candidate from another ticket.

The Electoral College

  • The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President.
  • Under the electoral college system, each state has a number of votes which is linked to its number of members of Congress, and reflects its population.
  • The most populous state, California, has the most votes, 55, while other large states like New York and Florida each have 29.
  • The least populated states, Montana, Vermont and Alaska have just three votes.
  • US President takes oath on January 20 or 21st if 20th falls on Sunday.
  • Prior to the Twentieth Amendment, the date of US President Inauguration was March 4, the day of the year on which the Constitution of the US first took effect in 1789.
  • The last inauguration to take place on March 4 was Franklin D. Roosevelt's first one on March 4, 1933.
  • Since the 1981 inauguration of Ronald Reagan, the oath taking ceremony has been held at the Capitol's West Front. Earlier it used to be held at East portico.
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