The reason behind ISIS minting gold coins

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The Rise of the Khilafah and Return of the Gold Dinar was a video that the ISIS released two days back. While it has been loosely summarized by many as a new venture to mint gold coins, there is a larger meaning behind it.

The hour long video points towards the minting coins not only in gold but in silver and copper as well.

Why is ISIS minting gold coins?

The minting of the coins according to the ISIS is to oppose the capitalist financial system of enslavement, underpinned by a piece of paper called the Federal Reserve dollar note.

The ISIS says that America contributed towards the destruction of the monetary system with the production of paper money meant to finance oil trade. It is the second blow to the US after 9/11 the ISIS claims in its hour long video.

Return of the days

It is very clear in the video that the ISIS wants to completely do away with paper money. It calls the minting of the coins and distributing it among the people as the Return of the Days. In the video an ISIS activist is seen distributing the coins among shop keepers.

The shop keepers are seen hugging the ISIS activist and proudly states, we are witnessing the return of the days and this is how it was during the days of the Prophet. The coins are printed in gold, silver and copper.

The coins are imprinted with Islamic symbols on one side and on the other it has seven wheat stalks which represent the blessing of spending in the path of Allah.

There are other coins as well which have the world map imprinted on it. This particular world map of the ISIS shows the extent of the area they plan on taking over. The imprint has America, Constantinople and Rome. On the other side is a shield and spear.

The ISIS explains in its video that coins hold more value than paper money in any bank. Paper money has taken away the power of the people and this is an American ploy. These coins are intended at returning the power of the money to the people.

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