If pro-nationals know about this JNU research today, Sunny Leone could also be in trouble

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It's too serious an ambience now. Whenever you want to speak in public, you are brushed either as an anti- or pro-national (necessarily in that order). Members of the JNU is now being targetted---both verbally and physically---for allegedly raising anti-India and pro-terrorist slogans.

Here goes another opportunity for the angry voices to vent more anger against the prestigious institute of the country. 

According to a Times of India report published two years ago, a research paper of a JNU graduate said that the character called Savita Bhabhi, India's first comic porn star, was inspired by the takeover of television by a Gujarati joint family.



The paper by Anannya Bohidar titled 'Rethinking Gujarati Identity through the Image of Savita Bhabhi' looked into the inception of the character of Savita Bhabhi who makes sexual adventures.

The paper juxtaposed Savita Bhabhi with other cultural products of our times and tried to conceptualise the porn comic's multifaceted image with other popular media like daily soaps, weekend comedy or films that have projected Gujarati identity in various forms, said the report.

Now, in todays' context when a lot is being said about the JNU's feeding on tax-payers' money, the nationalists could feel even more outraged to see these types of researches in the university, irrespective of their intellectual appeal.

Masculinist right wing vs intellectual Left wing

The masculinist right-wing nationalists would be certainly hating such research practices for they would see this as an attempt to tamper with the 'pure culture' that is Indian. They will not have the patience to know where the limits of liberal arts end and those of illiberalism begin and hold the JNU responsible for moral degradation of both Indian men and women.

For the Left-leaning intellectuals and academics, the exact opposite holds true.

The collateral damage of this clash of viewpoints could be the likes of former pornstar Sunny Leone, who is an actor is Bollywood. She was put to an embarrassing test in an interview with the country's right-wing media that treats women as objects.

If this research paper comes to the notice of the Bhakts today, then they will waste no time in landing on the same side of the media, who they targetted at the Patiala Court house earlier this week.

Alliances, be social or political, are always bizarre in this country.

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