Thackerays' tussle will not do any good to Marathi manoos

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Uddhav and Raj Thackeray
Ever since Balasaheb Thackeray gave up his body, the war of words between the two estranged cousins is escalating with every passing day. Every day or another we found news reports of two Thackeray cousins indulged in verbal duel which many see as the battle for the Thackeray legacy. And as the Assembly elections in Maharashtra are drawing nearer, this war of words is getting bitter.

Days after locking horns with Raj Thackeray on Wi-Fi issue, Uddhav Thackeray seems to have outscored Raj's MNS in the blue-print race on Wednesday. Uddhav Thackeray released his 'vision' for Maharashtra just days before MNS was expected to release the same. It was expected that MNS would release its blue print for the State on August, 9.

Raj, Uddhav: The two inheritors of Thackeray mantle

Uddhav is often known as silent worker. He is the inheritor of Shiv Sena symbol and Saamna paper, both of which have strong bonds with Marathi community.

Unlike Uddhav, Raj is a good orator, he has strong leadership qualities and connect with youths in better ways. He has prepared a ground for himself. The party's performance in the 2009 Assembly polls showed the arrival of Raj Thackeray on the political arena of the State.

Who is at upper hand in ensuing Assembly polls?

The Shiv Sena is an ally of BJP and important constituent of Mahayuti in Maharashtra. Sena is assumed to derive some benefit from its association with the saffron party. Emboldened by spectacular show in recently concluded Lok Sabha polls, the alliance is confident of sweeping Assembly election in Maharashtra too. Riding on 'Modi wave', the alliance gave a spectacular performance in the Lok Sabha polls as they won 42 out of 48 seats. The alliance got 2.50 crore votes in Maharashtra, which was close of 52 per cent.

MNS acted as game spoiler for BJP-Sena alliance in 2009 State polls.

Due to anti-incumbency factor and Modi wave, defeat of Congress-NCP is imminent is the upcoming Assembly polls.

In 2009 assembly elections, the BJP and the Shiv Sena together got 89 seats, leading to a comfortable victory for the Congress party-led alliance, thanks to MNS which acted as spoiler in elections.

Seeing the past record, MNS has a pivotal role to play in the upcoming Assembly polls. Thackeray, who is smarting from defeat in the recently concluded elections, has announced to contest the upcoming elections. If he does so he would be first from the Thackeray clan to contest the polls.

Earlier, Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena were squabbling over who will provide WiFi services at Shivaji Park in Central Mumbai.

But, its seems this personal, vitriolic battle between Thackeray cousins is taking their focus away from real issues. The Thackeray cousins are more indulged in confrontation rather than taking up issues related to welfare of Marathi manoos, whose welfare, lies at the root of their politics? Rather than indulging in war of words, the Thackeray cousins should work toward the benefit of the Marathi community, which was the only aim of party patriarch Bal Thackeray.

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