Terrorists at Dhaka planned not just an attack but a brutal one

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Brutality was one of the main features of Saturday's attack in Dhaka. Most of the persons who were killed were found with their throats slit.

Bangladesh officials announced after the incident that the terrorists had slaughtered the hostages and most of them were found with their throats slit.

Dhaka: Terrorists focussed on brutality

The use of knives has become a common feature in the killings at Bangladesh. Several instances in which bloggers and rationalists were killed involved knives.

Today the ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack at Dhaka and at first many were surprised with the use of knives. While some analysts argued that the ISIS does not use knives, they must remember that terrorists today do not follow a fixed pattern.

Knives for brutality

Most terrorist groups use knives in their attacks to kill victims only to make the attack more brutal. The beheading videos that the ISIS puts up are more brutal because of the use of the knife.

In today's attack the terrorists once again displayed a sick mentality.

Most of the bodies found at the site were with their throats slit and this is an indicator that the terrorists displayed an extreme amount of hate.

They wanted to convey their hatred to the hostages in the most brutal manner. Moreover it also sends down fear and panic when the attacks are this brutal.

The terrorists appears to have done a thorough reconnaissance of the place before attacking. They were fully aware that the that restaurant housed several foreigners.

Terrorists groups ideally look to target foreigners as it generates more publicity across the globe.

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