Terror during Ramadan- 5 reasons why extremists choose this month for Jihad

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There was a time when even terrorist groups had rules. Attacks on women and during the holy month of Ramadan was not permitted and a large number of terrorist groups did abide by this philosophy.

However all that has changed today and attacks during the month of Ramadan are in fact on the rise. Statistics world over would show that there have been nearly 543 deaths during this holy month this year. In fact if one looks at the pattern being adopted, terrorists prefer attacking during this month.


Saturday's Pampore attack at Jammu and Kashmir is one such incident and the other is of course the Orlando attack. Why do terrorists prefer attacking during the month of Ramadan. We break it down in five small points.

5 reasons why terrorists attack during Ramadan:

- There is a general perception that security is lax during this month and many in the security establishment still believe that terrorists would refrain from attacks during this month.,

- Terrorists want to re-write Islam and come up with their own interpretations. They carry out attacks during Ramadan to defy the rules and tell the world that they are the ones who set the rules in Islam.

- Terrorists consider this an auspicious month and feel that they are executing the will of God in killing the non-believers. They feel powerful during this month.

- Terrorists feel it is best to be martyred during the month of Ramadan and claim that they are closer to God if they execute non-believers during this month.

- They feel that by attacking during the holy month, they will be rewarded better. They consider they are making the ultimate sacrifice by waging Jihad during Ramadan.

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