Tell us Ms Choudhury, isn't insult 'over and above' a sexual assault?

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Tarun Tejpal
New Delhi, Nov 22: When the entire country is empathising with the reporter who was subjected to intense mental and physical harassment, meet Ms Shoma Chaudhary, the Managing Editor of the renowned Tehelka news who explains how 'wonderfully' the editor-in-chief has been conducting himself. Consider the following statement by her when she met the media:

"He (Tejpal) stepped down. It was not something she'd asked for. It was over and above that. If you are more aggrieved than the journalist herself, I cannot answer..."

Jarring as it sounds, the statement also projects how irresponsible a media channel that is known for its "eye-opening" sting operations is to inflict such lacerating words in such a tense situation. When the entire organization should stand by the victim, especially when there are enough reasons to do so, it is delaying justice by delaying probe.

A full account of the E-mail by the intern describes what she went through, the amount of pressure she had to handle and how she did not give up till the end as she was responsible toward her job too. If that is how you repay an employee's ownership and sense of responsibility, then "we are sorry Ms Chaudhary, we do not have an answer..."

@Tarun Tejpal, you were known for some of the best sting operations; you opened our eyes to the injustice and corruption that is going on in our country; but unfortunately, you lost the battle yourself.

Derek O' Brian has the right example for you when he tells a story of a mother, a daughter and an uncle. The father, dead in an accident and his friend acts as a father figure. The uncle rapes the young girl, despite her pleas that he is a father-like-figure and should not be doing such things. ON telling her mother, she tells the uncle not to come to their house for 1 year.

It is really sad, Mr Tejpal, you were somebody's icon and were looked up to for your work. Truely, this is not a disappointment just for the victim, but for the media and the entire nation.

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