Tejpal absconding? find him in Nepal!

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tarun tejpal-narayan sai
New Delhi, Nov 29: Please do not be deceived by our headline, we did not mean to misguide you. But consider the following, anyone with criminal offence charges against him is heading to Nepal.

Narayan Sai, for instance, went absconding after serious rape charges were slapped on him by two sisters early in October. 2 and half months later, the situation is the same while police from Jodhpur, Surat and now Punjab and Chandigarh are on a look-out for him. Sources believe that he is in-hiding in Nepal.

Tarun Tejpal, the controversial ex Editor-in-Chief of Tehelka, too is absconding and the police is confused about his whereabouts. Even the members of his family are unwilling to help. So, could Nepal be a possibility? Only time will tell.

While the modus operandi is (close to) similar in both the cases, there is a difference too.

The only difference between Tarun Tejpal and Narayan Sai is that the former is still communicating with the police (not sure when he stops doing that), while the latter has already stopped all responses and is secretly continuing with his lectures.

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