Taking names: Okay Mr Kejriwal, everyone but you is corrupt

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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) always does something unique. On Friday, it released a list of corrupt leaders of India. It includes names from across the political spectrum and not aimed at any particular party. It is an out-of-the-box thinking to cement one's own identity as a moral force, untouched by any condition of alliance politics and sure way to get the backing of the urban voters who have little political baggage at the time of voting.

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But this tendency of calling names of 'corrupt' leaders in the public and media also conveys a message and it is about irresponsibility. The AAP, in an over-excitement to nail each and every evil in the Indian democracy, is often found resorting to an irresponsible behaviour in the public. What does Arvind Kejriwal's calling out names in the open say about him as a responsible government office-holder of this country? Does he have solid evidence against the names he took? It just speaks about his lack of understanding about the national politics.

Does Kejriwal think national polls are fought like those in Delhi?

Kejriwal still doesn't know what a national election is all about. He perhaps assesses it just like the assembly election in Delhi. Or why should he call names of national leaders and ask people to stop their entry in the parliament after the next election? Does he have the capacity to stop the people whose names he took at this party's national executive with disdain?

Yeddyurappas and Mulayams are not just identified as corrupt leaders: There is something more than that

Take for example, the names like BS Yeddyurappa, Jaganmohan Reddy, Mayawati or Mulayam Singh Yadav. The identity of these people are just not confined as 'corrupt leaders'. They are representatives of a far-reaching socio-political system which they have dominated for years now. Each of these four leaders are very very important in their respective states which in turn, have key significance in a national poll.

Kejriwal misses the point by seeing other leaders only as corrupt individuals

BJP also knows Yeddyurappa is tainted, yet it brought him back not for no reason

The BJP, for example, brought back Yeddyurappa in its fold despite his negative image because it can not allow the Lingayat votebank to drift away from it in Karnataka. Similarly, YS Jaganmohan Reddy is an important player in the post-YSR Andhra and his tainted image is secondary to his appeal to followers of his late father. The Reddy versus Reddy equation is crucial in the southern state which sends 42 members to the Lok Sabha and Jagan's YSR Congress could be a key factor in the upcoming polls.

Can Kejriwal match Maya and Mulayam in terms of identity politics?

Similarly in Uttar Pradesh, both Mayawati and Mulayam have proved themselves as potent forces whom no party leading a ruling coalition at the Centre can ignore. Whether these leaders are corrupt or not don't really matter in the Lok Sabha polls. The identity politics that they have mastered all these years are here to stay, at least in this Lok Sabha election, because their supporters base is still strong and decisive, no matter what Kejriwal says in the comfort of the national capital.

Hollow marketing of popular anguish

Kejriwal markets the general anguish of the common man nicely in the media. But that's about it. Every aam aadmi in this country knows that most of our leaders are not clean but can we call names in the public casually to earn a few TRPs? Kejriwal wants to stop the 'corrupt leaders' from entering the parliament. Does he have the organisational capacity to do so across the country?

Why media is always after Kejriwal? Let him do some real work

It is an easy way out to call others corrupt, particularly in India, where unrestrained verbal exercise is a popular style of public behaviour. But why does the mainstream media need to focus on such hollow muscle-flexing round the clock? We can always take up Kejriwal's case once he succeeds to bar the entry of powerful leaders like Mayawati and Mulayams in the parliament. Till that time, let some sanity prevail.

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