Tablet Based Aadhaar Enrollment for Under Five Year Old Children

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Aadhaar number is a 12-digit unique identity number issued to each resident under Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). UIDAI which falls under the ministry of communication and information technology India is considered world's largest national identification number project. The agency collects the biometric and demographic data of residents and stores it in a centralised database.

It was announced today that UIDAI will introduce tablet-based enrolment for children below five years. As pilot project it was started at Namkom block in Ranchi, Jharkhand last year in the month of May. From now the project will be implemented across India. 


The need to provide Aadhaar to children below five years of age was felt as there are about 38 lakh children below five years who have not enrolled in Aadhaar system.

Parents do not get children enrolled as they find it a problem to stand in queue carrying them. Parents prefer to wait till the child become old and then get Aadhaar for the child. Now with the use of tablet in anganwadi centres it will be easy to give Aadhaar to children under five years.

Unique features of Aadhaar for under five year olds:

1. For Aadhaar children who are even a day old can enrol.
2. Details needs to enrol children under age of five years are: name of the child, gender, date of birth and UID number of one of the parents.
3. If the child has not been named as yet then in the column it will be filled ‘child of xyz'.
4. The address details will be taken from the UID number of the parent.
5. No biometric verification of the child is needed.
6. The biometric authentication of the Operator as well as one of the parent will be conducted as part of the enrolment.
7. The Aadhaar based biometric authentication of parents and operators (essential for the enrolment of children on CELC) is done in real time on CELC.
8. Only Proof of Relationship (PoR) document is required to enroll the child.
9. At the end of enrolment, operator will manually write EID on each of the POR document for document management system.
10. The SMS acknowledgement is sent on the mobile number captured during the enrolment.
11. The UID card will have to be updated twice in the lifetime. Once at the age of five years and then at 15 years.

The tablet that is used to take pictures of children under five years for Aadhaar has inbuilt camera and it also has sensor to take finger prints of parents and locate their UID.

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