Sushma Swaraj - An External Affairs Minister Par Excellence

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Sushma Swaraj, has been handling the External Affairs Ministry since 26th of May 2014 when the new government was formed. From that day till date she has proved how efficiently she can handle the ministry.

She and her ministry have handled various crisis situation ably in two years and she has been often times credited with laying the ground for Prime Minister Narendra Modi before he visits a foreign country.

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During the recent Dhaka hostage crisis she stayed up whole night and took stock of the crisis and kept people briefed about the new developments there and she shared the sad news of Indian girl Tarishi getting killed in by the terrorists.

Thanks to her brilliant diplomatic and oratory skills she is rightly called the best foreign minister India has had till date. She has met galaxy of world leaders in her two years as India's Foreign Minister and has been credited with significantly improving her understanding of the world affairs. She has also to developed an excellent personal rapport with many world leaders.

Sushma Swaraj had delivered a brilliant speech on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations and she had told the world that, "There can be no distinction between good and bad terrorists".

Her quick responses to the SOS tweets ensured she jumped up in popularity and break into the list of 10 most followed political leaders in the world. With her five million plus and tweeter followers she is the most followed female political leader in the world.

She has ensured that not only mute Indian girl Gita could come home but also someone like Sonu could be with his family again.

She and her ministry from then on have helped Indian citizens in foreign countries who have lost their passport and money and have rescued hundreds of Indians who were held hostage in countries like Iraq.

Mrs. Swaraj and her ministry pulled off a brilliant rescue operation in Yemen and earned a big name not only for themselves but for the whole nation when they rescued even foreign nationals from Yemen.

And of course who can ever forget the Nepal rescue and relief mission undertaken by her and her ministry. The swift response after Nepal earthquake was again appreciated by the world.

Never the one to step back when it comes to sharing the credit for all the good work done by her colleagues she has ensured that her cabinet colleagues get limelight too for the help they offer her.

Be it pirates or hostile business set ups that trouble Indians who work for them, Mrs. Swaraj and her ministry have faced it all to ensure Indians in any part of the world are made to feel safe and secure.

Her press conference held last year as Narendra Modi government completed first year in power will always remembered for the success mantra that Mrs. Swaraj shared. She had told the journalists present that her success mantra is, "Keep working but keep away from the media".

In the press conference she had stood by Prime Minister and defended him for his frequent foreign visits and told that she had visited 21 countries as compared to 18 countries by PM. She has defended a proactive PM by saying that, "A proactive PM is a support, not a challenge. I take it as a support."

She has also cleared air about PM putting restrictions on her and had said that, "The prime minister has not put any restrictions on anyone, least of all me."

For the seasoned politician that she is ably representing India on international forums must be coming in easy for Sushma Swaraj. She after all at the age of 25 had become the youngest cabinet minister of Haryana.

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