Sundanda Pushkar case: Who moved her clothes out of the room?

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The Special Investigating Team of the Delhi Police probing the Sunanda Pushkar murder case have found that there was an attempt to cover up the incident. Investigations have now found that some article belonging to Sunanda had gone missing after the incident and this was probably done with a view of covering up evidence.

An officer involved with the probe informed that her shoes and clothes had been removed from the crime scene and this generally is not supposed to be done especially when there is a mystery shrouding the death.

Who moved Sunanda's clothes?

Huge cover up attempted

There is increasing evidence to show that it is a case of murder. Had it been a suicide there would not have been any attempt made to move articles away from the crime scene the officer informed.

Investigations have shown that more than one person could have visited the hotel room after her death and before the incident became public. There was a broken glass in the room and her clothes and slippers were moved away from the scene.

The broken glass is also a mystery and could well mean that there was a tussle or the persons trying to cover up the murder could have broken it by mistake. The angle of struggle at the time of the death is also a possibility the officer further informed.

More IPL evidence

The investigating team is strongly looking into the possibility of an IPL angle to this probe. There is incriminating evidence coming forward to show that there were many persons interested in this aspect called the IPL and certain transactions which did not go their way would have led them to murder her.

Several persons questioned in connection with the case have clearly testified that the IPL issue had changed Sunanda completely. " I am in the news for all the wrong reasons and I do not enjoy this one bit, " Sunanda had clearly told her family members.

Further several persons have also said that she had a lot of information on the IPL issue and constantly felt the need to speak out. Whether Shashi Tharoor had any idea about it or not is something that they would once again ask him since during the first round of questioning he denied having any knowledge about it.

"I don't know what she wanted to reveal"

The Delhi police during the questioning of Tharoor touched upon the point where Sunanda had threatened to reveal something very important. Was it something regarding you or was there something you know about is what Shashi Tharoor was asked.

He said he had no idea about what she was trying to say. However Delhi police officials say that what Sunanda had planned on revealing has been discussed by her with some confidantes. Their statements will come in handy when we touch upon this angle once again.

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