Sunanda was injected by someone she knew well

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Someone, who was well known to Sunanda Pushkar, could have injected the poison into her body leading to her death, a Delhi Police official informed. It is a clear case of poisoned to death and all we need to find out is what was the motive behind this murder, the officer also added.

The Delhi police also say that they will rely on the basics of the investigations for now as the forensic samples to determine the type of poison injected into Sunanda may take some time to come back.


These samples are being sent abroad for analysis and usually such reports take some time, the officer also added.

Studying the motives:

The Delhi police say that the investigations would clearly suggest that Sunanda was unhappy. She was restless and clearly unhappy in her last days. This is what we have been able to gather from out investigations so far.

There are however contradictory views on her mental state as some close to Shashi Tharoor have told us that there appeared to be no problem in their relationship. However a majority of the persons we have questioned say she was clearly very disturbed.

We have also gone through the statements that she issued in her last days and they were never consistent in nature. At times she seemed alright, but then she used to have outbursts which were very telling, the officer also added.

Who injected her?

There are nearly 15 injury marks on her body. Some are indicative of a struggle. It needs to be seen if all these injuries were inflicted upon her or were they self inflicted, the officer adds.

However what is clear is that the injection was administered to her by someone whom she knew. The manner in which the injection was administered suggests that she knew the person and had there been any sort of resistance it would have shown on that particular injury which we have termed as injury 10.

We are analysing the CCTV details and have a fair idea of who all visited the room in which Sunanda passed away. These persons will be questioned.

No delay in questioning Tharoor:

The cops also state that there is no intentional delay in questioning Shashi Tharoor. His questioning is extremely crucial to the case and we want to have all the information on hand before we question him.

We have a lot of things to ask him right from their relationship to the controversy regarding Mehr Tarar. There has been a claim that Tarar wanted to marry him and we will have this clarified as well.

The police also want to find out if there was any role Tharoor played in influencing doctors to change the report. The IPL angle will also come up during the questioning the officer also informed.

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