Sunanda poisoning: Evidences that tell a story

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Sunanda Pushkar
New Delhi, Oct 10: Sunanda Pushkar may not be there anymore, but she has left a story behind. A mystery that is unfolding into wonders and shocks, Sunanda's death gets a new twist. Fresh viscera reports suggest that she died out of poisoning. Does that mean that the earlier speculations of drug overdose were wrong?

Although forensic reports fail to identify the nature of poisoning, there could be two possibilities-she died out of medicine overdose or she was poisoned.

The first possibility cannot still be ruled out as experts say that the content found in her viscera can only be tested abroad. However, what raises eyebrows is the second hypothesis. Why? How? and When? are the questions that need to be answered.

[The Shashi-Sunanda-Mehr story]

Tharoors's silence

The way Tharoor is avoiding any questions when the fresh reports arrived has given rise to several speculations, especially when we refer to journalist Nalini Singh's shocking revelation that the former MoS and Congress leader wanted to marry Mehr Tarar after divorcing wife Sunanda Pushkar.

Singh had told police that Pushkar had called her before the night she died and said that Tharoor and Tarar had become so close to each other that they wanted to get married soon after the Lok Sabha elections 2014. Sunanda's servant also testified that the couple were fighting a lot.

Sunanda had also said that Tarar and Tharoor had spent three nights in the same hotel in Dubai.

[What journalist Nalini Singh testified]

Marital dischord started between the two revolving around Tarar and her Twitter messages to Tharoor, which expressed how much she admired her. Narayan also revealed that Sunanda and Shahi had a bitter fight on a flight on Januray 15 when they were coming to Kerala from Delhi. He said,"Sunanda had taken Tharoor's mobile phone during the flight, which led to the argument". Sunanda checked in at the hotel alone, while Shashi left for a meeting after they landed.

Evidences 'speak'

Although news reports of Sunanda's son Shiv Menon speaking in support for his step-father can still be considered, her cousin throws light on a different evidence. "No CCTV footage was available. why? Leela hotel is a five-star hotel," he said.

Interestingly, he also pquestions why Shashi left her alone when she was ill?

"I knew there was something cooking-up since the day I heard the news," the relative further added.

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AIIMS doctor Sudhir Gupta suddenly hit the headlines then. He had claimed that he was forced to draft doctored reports on the "haste of some senior government officials" and the director of AIIMS". Although the hospital authorities denied the charges, he clearly stated:

"I was under pressure not to speak on autopsy details without discussing with top quarters of government. As a medical practitioner, I thought it is unfair to change my view on any autopsy. I gave correct statement to media after autopsy and was not biased. I gave representation to minister to save myself from departmental politics."

[What the Doctor said]

Facts in place, we would not be surprised, if the case turned out to be a murder and not a suicide. Indeed, the Delhi Police has reasons to worry!

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