Strategic & political significance of Narendra Modi's Amethi rally

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The rally of BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in Amethi is a strategic move by the BJP. The constituency in Uttar Pradesh has stolen the headlines for it is now associated with a battle of prestige and Modi's arrival for campaigning in the territory of the Number One opponent leader makes it all the more enthralling.

The BJP, through the Smriti Irani rally, makes an attempt to make up for the charge that it made its decision to field Smriti Irani from this seat far too late. In a serious venture to unseat the Gandhis and defeat the Congress-led UPA at the Centre, it looked a bit casual that the BJP waited far too long to arrive at a decision on its candidate from Amethi. Now, by arranging the Modi rally at the final moment of the final day of campaigning for Phase 8 of the Lok Sabha election when Amethi will also go to the election, the BJP wants to make sure that the effect lasts till the polling gets over in this constituency.

The BJP is aggressively trying to contain the Gandhis in their own den

Bringing in Modi in the last moment will also mean that the Gandhis and their party will get little chance to hit back at the BJP leader in case he launches an attack, at least in the constituency. This is certainly going to put a break on the flow that the Gandhi siblings have created here by relentlessly attacking Modi.
The forward play by the BJP by pushing Modi into Amethi constitutes its biggest reply to the Congress's attacks, both strategically and politically.

Strategic significance

The saffron party, through this, has marked a departure from the general rule whereby big leaders avoid taking on heavyweight opponents directly and it has done so to pay the Congress back in its own coin. The Congress had decided to replace a leader who was chosen in a primary to contest from Vadodara by one of Rahul Gandhi's close aides and also made understandings with other political forces in Varanasi, the constituency of Modi in Uttar Pradesh. On May 5, the BJP decided to reciprocate by landing Modi directly on Rahul's turf, something which hasn't happened in Amethi.

Political significance

Politically, Modi's rally in Amethi will boost the BJP's morale in these parts and encourage the supporters to go all-out to make it a successful venture for Smriti Irani. Modi will look to make a serious dent into whatever impact Priyanka Gandhi had among the traditional Congress voters by raising the poll pitch against Modi. His rally will also boost the BJP in the nearby Sultanpur constituency from where Rahul Gandhi's cousin Varun Gandhi is contesting. It may also be mentioned here that Priyanka Gandhi decided against campaigning in Varanasi a few days ago and limited her activity to Amethi and Rae Bareli. Modi's presence in Amethi will project him as a soldier of the party who doesn't relent from campaigning in the enemy's den and contain it. The Congress top leadership, on the other hand, looks to be more attached to its family. In a maturing democracy, this can make a big difference.

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