6 steps Congress can follow to fight Narendra Modi's 'BJP Sarkar' in upcoming elections!

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It is not long before we read up on Congress in history books if the party does not take some corrective measures immediately to change its image in the minds of Indians.

A complete washout for ministers of the UPA government in front of the PM Narendra Modi-led NDA, the Congress recorded its worst defeat in Lok Sabha elections 2014.

Scams have been rolling out of Congress' closet one after another as soon as the UPA came into power. From the 2G spectrum license to Coalgate and more, scams have costed the nation crores of rupees over the last few years.

Now, how much trust is left for Congress in the minds of people, can be evidently visible with the way the Modi-led BJP came victorious in the 2014 elections.

So to avoid slipping into oblivion, here are a few steps the Congress can follow and start making recovery for what has been lost.

Unique Vision

Congress should offer a vision that is distinctly theirs and not occupied by other political parties or independent candidates.

With a large number of youths in country becoming more aware and active, a bright future vision and unique ideas of development is what Congress needs to focus on at the moment.

Thoughtful Alignments

Aligning with proper group of people or set of parties is very important. Gone are the days when the brand "Congress" itself would fetch them votes.

People are now aware and are indulging in proper background checks of the candidates in the parties and their future aspirations before casting their votes.

Congress should basically avoid outdated theories that nobody believes will deliver progress and prosperity to the country in future.

Image Makeover

The party is now being more popular because of its association with corruption. It has gained bad name because of involvement in scams.

From Coalgate, rail gate to 2G scam and CWG episodes, nothing has been hidden from public.

Wide-spread association of the party with corruption in the public's mind will not be erased unless there is some effort seen to change that.

Back Words with Actions

Indians are already frustrated with 'all promises-no work' funda of many politicians. It's high time the Congress party workers back up their words and public positions with actions.

Instead of merely promising water and sanitation, Congress should start implementing projects for the same.

So steps, ideas and actions are clearly evident to the people and that will them regain trust in the party.

Watch your words

"Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence then we can overcome poverty," is what Rahul Gandhi said in a rally.

Many such blunders have been made by party president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi while addressing rallies and conferences.

They have become more of a laughing stock that being taken seriously. Congress should literally 'watch their words'!

The 'Family' Tree

Congress is known by history of playing dynasty politics. Even today, Congress markets its family history to gain votes instead of visions and future ideas.

Congress clearly needs to stop that right away. People are done with the idea of family politics itself and want to see a change in country for a brighter future.

So Congress needs to bring in new and reliable faces that are known to people for something good that they have done to the country.

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