She may bear a child, but can sport the 'cap' too; Women who fought sexism in sports

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Be it the scantily dressed cheerleaders or the women hostesses of IPL who seem to be a mere eye candy to attract audiences, the world of sports is revealing the belying sexism within it in a whole new way. However, here is a clan of women whose voices were nothing more than a whimper when it came to citing their contributions in sports.

A vedio by Norwegian women's soccer world cup finalists is a case in point. When Male soccer and cricket are the final words, ruling the rooster in sports, women feel defeated and cheated. With zero encouragement and equally sorry state of fundings, women sportsperson have taken to a path that they only can take to prove their point- that of a sarcastic video.

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A defender in the team is found saying,"We're shit, We suck, plain and simple."

Her teammates are of a similar opinion. Forward Emilie Haavi says that she struggles with a free kick situation, while Cathrine Dekkerhus complains that she cannot complete more than 25 kick-ups, that too with a balloon.

One also mentions writing a letter to the FIFA asking it to relax the rules in women's world cup by implementing easier rules, comprehensible to a female mind.

As derogatory as it sounds, these sexist claims are what women sportsperson have been enduring either from their governments or from their superiors.

Charlotte Edwards, the captain for England's cricket team, for example, recalls her initial years in a boy's team where she found restraint from the team's family members.

But she is positive and says,"But I think those early experiences have enabled me to go on and do what I do now because I don't really care what anyone else thinks. I get on with it.

Along the way we've come up against criticism from people who don't rate what they see, but it doesn't really bother me. We hear far more positive comments now."

With the World 20-20 in her kitty, the cricketer wishes to acknowledge the presence of more women in sports and the way they contribute.

Thus, her endeavors with the 'Chance to Shine' where she shares few tips with budding players. She is happy that people know her "so much more" now and that the cricket teamfor women is building a space for itself in the sports world.

The journey for these women of substance would not have been so difficult, but for the mind set that the patriarchy has, which allows a clear segregation between men and women not only in sports, but also in every sphere of life. It's time to change now!

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