Mulayam Singh begs for votes, women walk out

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Mulayam Singh begs for votes
Varanasi, Jan 23: The Gung-ho over the SP rally in Varanasi expected more from the Mulayam Singh government; but much to the chagrin of the people, the enthusiasm diffused into thin air when Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav thumped their chest for  'progress' in the region.

Women's safety, eradication of poverty and corruption were the main agendas of the rally, but interestingly there was no proof for it.

Akhilesh Yadav addressed the public saying "Samajwadi Party has been working hard towards the welfare of the poor for years", but the state of the Muzaffarnagar relief camps show otherwise.

In a veiled attack to the opposition, he further claimed that no other party has worked so hard for the general public. While the widely criticised Saifai Mahotsav was defended vehemently, the Akhilesh Yadav (we are sure) would not be able to defend these:

"Due to our efforts, now it has become possible for the poor to avail easy ambulance service, cheap drugs and other facilities in villages. In our regime, several medical colleges, hospitals have been opened and many more are yet to come":Well well, Akhileshji, we hope that these facilities were also offered to the Muzaffarnagar riot victims. Our mistake, we spotted the wrong thing at the right place. The thinly clad victims in the relief camps in the UP chill was just a mirage.

"The people had requested us to open a new medical college in this area and we have already begun working towards this": Since when did a government start working on the request of the people Akhileshji? Weren't you supposed to do it yourself and not at people's behest?

"Unlike other parties, Samajwadi Party does not carry any corruption charges": But the sand Mafia....? We also heard that an IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpalwas falsely implicated and suspended in this regard? How about the hatespeech champions Sangeet Som and Suresh must have forgotten about them, isn't it?

"Did Gujarat government provide any special facilities to farmers or women? What were the leaders doing when innocents were being slaughtered during communal riots? Women were stripped, humiliated and rendered helpless in Gujarat. This man (Modi) has no humanity": What were you doing Mulayamji when women were gangraped and the children died of hunger in your 'relief camps'? Oh yes, there were other more IMPORTANT issues to address like SIFAI.

I appeal to the people to forgive us for our shortfalls and vote for us in the Lok Sabha polls: Is this your last resort, Mulayamji? when you cannot show results, do you really expect people to believe you in your promises anymore?

Sorry Mulayamji, the women are walking out.

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