Sorry Mr Arvind Kejriwal, you can’t call India’s PM a “psychopath”

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"Psychopath" is the latest term to haunt the Indian democracy. The word, as per the Oxford dictionary, means: ‘A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviour'.

Does Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have any of these traits? We don't know. May be only Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal knows for he might have studied the former from close quarters since both of them reside in the same city.

Arvind Kejriwal

But even if Kejriwal, perhaps the best hit-and-run politician India has produced in history, probably studied the prime minister from a psycho-analytical point of view, he had no business attacking Modi in such derogatory manner after the CBI raided one of his top babus against whom there are serious charges of corruption.

Psychopath without an ‘h'

The Aam Aadmi Party's ‘Khaas' leader was so outraged by the raid that he started blasting top central leaders, including the PM and the financial minister. He called the PM "coward and psyc(h)opath" and the FM a "liar" and held that the CBI raids were made to look for files of the Delhi District Cricket Association which Arun Jaitley has headed for a long time.

Only meaningless statements, nothing that really matter

However, the CM, who often takes pride in saying that he is the first in the country's history to remove his own minister because of corruption and would not hesitate to send even his son to the jail if found corrupt, did not utter a logical word over the CBI's claims that Rs 13 lakh cash and foreign currency worth Rs 3 lakh were found from Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar and another person.

No comment was heard about the Rs 2.4 lakh found from Kumar's residence along with papers of some immovable properties.

Kumar, an IITian like Kejriwal and a 1989-batch IAS officer, was appointed to the post after Kejriwal came to power for the second time in Delhi. He was also secretary to the chief minister during his short but controversial first stint in power in 2013-14. It would be a fool's act to believe that the AAP chief didn't know about the charges of corruption against Kumar, with whom he goes back a long way.

On the contrary, Kejriwal was heard asking whether the CBI's target was he himself? This is a nice self-victimising ploy that politicians like Mamata Banerjee also puts into effect. But for the wise observers, these populist remarks are made only when these leaders feel apprehensive about some unwanted consequences.

Kejriwal punctured his own image but was happy punching Modi

Whether Kejriwal found great merit in backing his favourite babu even at the expense of making his ‘crusade' against corruption a farcical exercise is for himself to justify but for the countrymen, dragging the prime minister into it and erecting an opposition (Modi is a favourite enemy for most hapless politicians in the country today) just to generate sympathy amounts to a national humiliation. It is simply not done. If anybody failed to tackle the matter politically, it was Kejriwal himself and not Modi.

Kejriwal's abominable act of dubbing Modi in all kinds of negative terms also found a place in foreign media (The Washington Post for instance, said Indian politics sank to a new low...), adding to the national shame which was brought by Congress leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyar and Salman Khurshid in Pakistan recently.

Emergency? Really Mr Kejriwal?

Kejriwal also mocked the country's democracy by saying "an undeclared emergency" was initiated by the Centre. If a CBI raid on an accused bureaucrat amounts to "emergency" threatening the federal running of our democracy, then Kejriwal's political wisdom is not above suspicion.

The man, who was a kid during the dark phase called Emergency in the 1970s, trivialised the severity of the political term because he wasn't mature enough to assess its real face. The misplaced expression by a politician, who is often seen as one who represents the politics of India of our times, is a serious threat.

There was also no clear picture on whether the CBI had raided his office and sealed it because the Delhi chief minister found great pleasure in extracting mileage from half-truths and unclear scenario. The man's strategy is simple: For whatever it is, even if his residential washroom doesn't have running water, target Modi.

It provides him a great opportunity to shine in the reflected light. As far as the ‘crusade' is concerned, it got over the day power had landed in the man's lap. He is now a happy part of the same system that he had once promised to purge.

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