'This is a crucial moment for us, we need you': Sonia at Kishanganj

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Sonia Gandhi
Kishanganj (Bihar), Jan 30: Hopes for Congress win in this year's Lok Sabha elections may be dim, but the party is not losing hope. While Rahul Gandhi is touring the country looping the most sensitive vote banks like women, the youth, the panchayat and the labourers, Sonia Gandhi is in Bihar's Kishanganj district reminding the people of Congress's contribution in the area. 

The agenda of her speech seemed nothing less than a plea to the people to vote them to safety this time and that they will work the next time. Although, the Congress

President cried hoarse of the the NREGA schemes, the aanganwadi projects, schools for children, minorities and girl, and food for all. Sudden spurt of applauses and a customary "Soniaji zindabad, Congress party zindabad" were merely any consolations.

"I would like to see more people employed and more children going to school. Under Dr Manmohan Singh's leadership, we have achieved a lot in the past 10 years and we will achieve more if given a chance." Interestingly, there was no applause for that. She also said that the Congress has ensured that the all the facilities reach each and every household in the villages (which again goes without any applause).

Recent news of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly rejecting the Telangana Bill as added on to the pain of Congress now. Their door to door campaign and Raul's manifesto seeking may not give Congress a sore heart after all, but what is done cannot be undone. 10 years on, the sche,es and the struggles continue to mar the face of the country.

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