Smriti's eviction to textile ministry not to be taken lightly, there is more than what meets the eye

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There is no doubt that the Cabinet reshuffle had a bigger picture in mind-shows the composition of the Cabinet and the new oath takers yesterday. An eyewash for common man who believes that the reshuffle owes to one's performance, there are more reasons than what meet the eye.

'Killing two birds with one stone' is something that the NDA government has always believed. While the move projects the party's awareness to the demands of the people, it also steps on the gas to do well in the UP elections, which seems to be a fortress for the Modi cabinet.

Smriti Irani

While we have already discussed how the composition of the ministry is in sync with UP's populous demands, Amethi needs our attention.

Tough fight in Amethi

The fight was tough in Amethi in the Lok Sabha Sabha elections 2014, with 3,00,748 votes and Rahul 4,08,651. But the competition did not miss the eye in a place that is considered to be the Gandhi threshhold, apart from Rae Bareilly. Even the Congress got a bit quirky discussing the figures, given the fact that there was not much distance to cover for Smriti.

Needless to say, Congress is now more keen on placing Priyanka Gandhi in Amethi, to at least save their faces if things turned otherwise. More eloquent than Rahul, she has the inherent traits of her father and grandmother who were very popular in the area. It is a different thing altogether if she refuses to step out of her family pocket borough of Amethi and Rae Bareli, despite Congress's plans to use her oratory skills across the state.

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Smriti, on the other hand seems to be focussed, or has been asked to be focussed. The HRD Ministry, being a very demanding portfolio would not have allowed Smriti to dedicate her time to the constituency. But with a less-significant profile like the Textile industry, things can still be managed.

What Smriti said the last time

Admitting the 2014 Lok Sabha defeat in the constituency, Smriti vowed to come back and ensured to give the constituency its fair share of development. When the Modi government completed 1 year, Irani said,"Bhale hi aapse chook ho gayi ho, lekin aapke saath mera rishta abhi bhi mazboot hai."

This year May, she said, "People here have not been able to knock on the doors of the Congress family in 60 years. The Nehru-Gandhi family has not fulfilled its promises, due to which, I have reduced Rahul Gandhi's victory margin by 80 per cent."

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So, Smriti Irani it is, despite the fact that Rajnath Singh and Varun Gandhi are neck-to-neck in popularity as the party's chief ministerial candidate. Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi is being mentally prepared to address over 150 rallies across UP and bring back the election trophy home.

Smriti Irani, meanwhile, has her mouth zipped about her current profile. "I am a disciplined party worker and will follow whatever order is given," she says.

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