Sheena Bora murder case: Siddhartha's statements, a 'silver lining in the cloud' or a bigger mess?

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Siddhartha Das, Indrani's first husband, holds the key to all answers. Open to all questions, he said that he did not have any intentions of hiding and that Mikhail and Sheena were his kids.

Not that alone, Siddhartha also threw light on some very important facts that were lesser known and which could help police with the investigation and trailing the murder details.

Indrani Mukerjea

In a shocking revelation, Siddhartha said that having Sheena and Mikhail was a mistake to a great extent as both Siddhartha and Indrani were immatured and were in a live-in relationship.

They were never married. This was in contrast with his mother's statement who said that Siddhartha and Indrani never had a son, but a second daughter who Siddhartha believed was not his.

"I consider it a mistake as we were not matured to handle two kids. I did not have a source of income, was 21 and Indrani was 19," he said.

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Speaking to the media with a helmet on to hide his identity, he further confessed that Indrani was always money minded and always wanted a high standard of living. A reason, he cites, to leave the relationship midway. Das said that he had met Sheena in 1989 after her birth in 1987 and had never met Mikhail since his birth in 1989. He seems to have called her last when she was in Class 10.

"I am in deep pain getting the news of Sheena. I do not wish to comment on whether Indrani did this or not, but I would not be surprised," he said.

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Interestingly, while Das's statement somewhat settles certain equations, it also gives rise to further questions as to why his mother said what she said and why he did not cliam Sheena's parentage in the beginning; why Mikhail is not being acknowledged and when exactly was Vidhi born?

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