Shiv Sena's duplicity: Attacking PM Modi at state, maintaining alliance at Centre

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Uddhav targetting Modi for poll gains
As the electioneering is getting intense with every passing day in the poll bound Maharashtra, Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray is launching scathing attacks over BJP for breaking their 25-year-long alliance.

In all of his poll rallies Udhhav and his son Aditya are calling the BJP as backstabber and enemy of Maharashtra, but the party has not yet severed its ties with the BJP-led NDA government at Centre. This exposes the duplicity of Uddhav Thackeray who is simply attacking Narendra Modi and the BJP for gaining people's sympathy hoping playing victim card would help his party come to power on its own.

Uddhav attacking Modi on a daily basis

Shiv Sena chief is taking pot shots at the Prime Minister over shifting his focus towards state politics and doing nothing to stop Pakistani provocations along the LoC. The issue of Marathi pride and the last torch bearers of Hindutva ideology are being raked up by the Shiv Sena instead of development plank. While on the other hand, Modi had made it abundantly clear that he will not utter a word against Shiv Sena and attacking UPA's misrule at Cente as well as state for doing nothing for the people of Maharashtra.

Why Anant Geete is still holding Union Minister's portfolio?

Anant Geete, Shiv Sena's lone member in the Union Cabinet, has consistently maintained that he will not resign as Heavy Industries Minister despite parting ways with BJP for Maharashtra polls.

Asked whether he will resign, Geete said, "Certainly not". "It (the alliance) will remain intact at the Centre," he added.

Geete had even said that Uddhav had asked him not to resign from his portfolio as the alliance at Centre is still intact.

"The government is of NDA and the Shiv Sena has a significant contribution in the (formation of) NDA government. 42 MPs have been elected from Maharashtra. The Shiv Sena has a contribution in that. This is why the question of resigning does not arise," Geete was quick to remind.

But the minister forgot to mention that in whose name 18 out of 20 its candidates had won the Lok Sabha polls? Certainly, it was the Modi-wave which helped the Shiv Sena bag record number of seats.

This further validates the point that Shiv Sena is targetting Narendra Modi and his leadership because it has nothing much to say. In almost every rally, Sena is targetting Modi and BJP for backstabbing them instead of lashing out at Congress-NCP's 15-year period of misrule.

Sena has no other agenda to talk

Shiv Sena has no other agenda apart from targetting Narendra Modi and his government. The party has recently targetted the BJP from shifting its stand from Hindutva to other issues - development and good governance.

Taking a swipe at BJP, Uddhav Thackeray was quoted by the Hindu recently as saying, "We are firm on Hindutva, but is the BJP firm on that? Even the colour of their Lotus symbol has changed from saffron to white. They should explain why".

With his statement Uddhav has sent out clear message that his party is not interested in development but hardcore Hindutva agenda. Well, if one looks at history, the Shiv Sena doesn't have much experience about development because it has been 15-years since they were in power last time, in Maharashtra.

This alliance at Centre also hints that the party, after results are out, would mend its ties with the BJP and again enter into an alliance with the BJP if it fails to get absolute majority on its own.

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